Top Ten Banks in Bangladesh Right Now.

Top Ten Banks in Bangladesh Right Now.

The top 10 banks in Bangladesh at now . Banks are so important to every nation. Banks are a country’s financing and security institution. Banks help one nation’s government. They promote economic growth and help improve the economic condition of a countr

y. There are many banks in Bangladesh. We try to order their top ten banks. Here you will see a list of the best Bangladeshi private banks. Besides, the list of the top 5 banks in Bangladesh right now. We’ve made this list in terms of value, capital, customer, and service. Here is a list of the top ten banks in BD.

Top 10 Banks in Bangladesh.

1. HSBC Bank:

HSBC refers to Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, a multinational banking and financial company with headquarters in London. All branches of the world are available with efficient branch management and technology.

2. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited:

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is briefly known as IBBL as one of the Commercial Private Bank of Bangladesh. In 1999, IBBL was awarded for the best bank in the country by a London-based magazine called Global Finance, and 2000 was awarded the same award for implementing excellent The banks of Bangladesh provide their solutions and services to the people.

3. Grameen Bank:

Grameen Bank known person d. The result of Muhammad Yunus’ research is that only one person received the Nobel Prize for Peace. The main purpose of this bank is to give importance to the poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh. Grameen Bank operates through 2565 branches across Bangladesh.

4. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited:

The first Dutch joint venture bank of Bangladesh is Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited.DBBL is the most innovative and technologically advanced bank in Bangladesh. DBBL is fully automated 2002 as first bank.

5. BRAC Bank:

BRAC Bank began its journey, not only in 2001 and only 5 years so far, it has proved that Bangladesh is the fastest growing bank in Bangladesh. BRAC Bank has 177 branches, 502 ATMs and 450 SME unit offices.

6. Eastern Bank Ltd:

Eastern Bank Limited has become a reality in the new democratic environment of Bangladesh with the dream of creating a brand in the financial sector of the country. Since its founding in 1992, EBL has already proven itself to be one of the most valuable financial institutions.

7. Bank Asia:

Vision to create a poverty-free Bangladesh, some prominent entrepreneurs of the country decided to set up a commercial bank. The result was Bank Asia Limited. It was the 25th day of November 1999, when the bank started functioning. Further estimates of entrepreneurs, the future Bangladesh will enhance the dignity and rights of the people above all.

8. Janata Bank Limited:

Janata Bank Limited is the second largest commercial bank of Bangladesh with 844 branches and 9 branches in the UAE. In addition, there is an Italian-based subsidiary known as Janata Exchange Company SRL.

9. Standard Chartered Bank:

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the largest branches of the largest international bank in Bangladesh, with seven financial kiosks and 57 ATM booths. Of these, a large number of workers are more than 1,300.

10. Prime Bank Limited:

Prime Bank Limited was established in 1995 and is a bank which operates and operates in accordance with international quality finance and banking. These ten banks are proudly operating the services of the nation of Bangladesh.