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Top 10 woman entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

In the conservative society of Bangladesh, women have been discriminated against right from childhood. Being a woman is not easy and still very successful, where society is predominantly male-dominated. However, there are some women who courageously pursued their dreams and achieved success in life. There are 3 entrepreneurs who usually make their mark in the male-dominated society.

Top 10 woman entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

1.Bibi Russell:

One of the most famous and wonderful women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh is Bibi Russell. Bibi Russell is considered the former catwalk queen and queen of khadi. She is the organizer of BB Productions, a popular popular fashion house working with artists across the country. She was born in Chittagong and completed her graduation from the London College of Fashion.He worked as a model for several years.

The former Catwalk Queen established her productions from the belief that she had an important role to play in society. Understanding the importance of craftsmanship, he went on to save them. She is now making an impact in fashion and textile. He has received recognition and awards from numerous reputed organizations.

2.Ivy Haq Russell:

Ivy Hawk Russell is one of the most renowned and noted women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.She is a former venture banker who founded Myers with a vision to empower women by providing them with information and access to a partnership community.

She founded which provides opportunities for women to develop their lives in Bangladesh. He is also the managing director of Myer. He believes connection is empowering people. As an effort, Maya is very exciting among detectives that it permanently changes the way of life of Bangladeshi women with a realistic opportunity along with a very robust value proposition.

Under the leadership of a former investment investor, Ivy Hawk Russell Charitable Nature launched the site in beta in September 2011, which, with positive feedback, gave the company a breakthrough run in 40 years of innovative competition. He plans to expand Bangla content and will have more issues in the coming days.

3.Taslima Miji:

Taslima Miji is a women entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of TechMania based on hardware and hardware services, namely computers, networking and computer related peripheral items, computer assembly and various item troubleshooting. He started his career in journalism. After starting out sick from journalism, he became confident by his friends with a courage called Techmania so he could start fresh.

Being a young woman and running a technology business on your own is very outstanding. He faces many obstacles and superstitions but his disobedient attitude and Achiva’s attitude help him go. She is now a feminist and a total dedication to her industry that gives other women hope on her own.networking See also network.

4.Sabila Enun:

Sabila Enun is one of the  most  famous woman entrepreneur who has special intelligent comparing to another women that society does not see often. While most of the women think stability and safety are more significant in one point of her career, Sabila is willing to make her own identity through her hard work.

She has completed her degree in computer science and engineering then she has started working with DCastalia. Through her entrepreneurial pursuit, she also serves to the countless national and global association as a mentor and trainer. Still now, she looked for chances to learn and improve herself.

5.Selima Ahmed:

Selima Ahmed is one of the most famous and wonderful women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Selima Ahmed is the CEO and organizer of the Bangladesh Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI), which put on the interests of women entrepreneurs and supports the initiatives of women entrepreneurs.

As a successful businessman with a long-standing expertise in private companies, she thought of setting up a Chamber of Commerce dedicated specifically to facilitate the development of women entrepreneurs. She received the impressive Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Award 2012 for Best Female Entrepreneur in recognition of her work.

6.Sabrina Islam:

Sabrina Islam is a Women Entrepreneur who is well-known as the President of Women Entrepreneurs Association (WEA) Bangladesh. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Bangladesh Recruiting Federation and various other trade groups and organizations such as Amcham, BFU, SME Foundation, etc.

While running his business, he faces many problems, such as lack of essential skills and raw material training in Bangladesh. Despite the struggle, his company, which started with only two employees, has achieved success over time as the glasses order increases. She has received DHL – Daily Star Bangladesh Business Award ‘Outstanding Woman in Business Award-20’. A

7.Nadia Binte Amin:

Nadia Binte Amin is one of the most famous and significant women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Nadia Binte Amin founded Research and Computing Services in 1993 with her friends. The company has been conducting research work on UNDP, UNICEF, foreign NGOs and various national and international companies in various fields like sanitation and hygiene, child protection, education etc.

She works in various social organizations. Amin Amin is very passionate about helping people, women, children. She wants to change the socio-economic condition of the people of Bangladesh with her education, skills and continuous service.

8.Samira Zuberi Himika:

Samira Zubeni Himika is a famous women entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He is the founding managing director of Team Engine. He feels that an entrepreneur needs to know everything he wants to run a business, never show the arrogance of stopping work. This is too small for your position. She is very caring and supportive.

She always encourages people around her. Before starting his own capitalist journey, he is a self-motivated man working in a major global organization in the communications sector.

9.Selina Qadarr:

Selina Kawardesh is also a renowned women entrepreneur in Bangladesh. Salna Ka, founded in 1985 by Agnesorn, an agribusiness firm, is a firm believer in feminism. He clearly observed that the government of Bangladesh subsidizes only 5 percent on potato exports.

Agrinosarn is helping them to produce 10000-12000 metric tons of potatoes every year for exports, while preserving the environment and developing farmers’ lives. In 2004, he received an award from the Daily Star for his endless efforts.

10.Rubaba Dowla:

Rubaba Douala is very famous as a woman entrepreneur in Bangladesh. Rubaba Douala, the founder of ‘Pulse Healthcare Services’, founded in 2017. Rubaba Daula is a highly skilled guide with a successful track record of brand management, corporate communications and product innovation. Rubaba Daula Matin was the head of Grameen Phone’s marketing department.

He is currently working for Airtel Bangladesh. He served as Chief Services Officer and Chief Services Officer of Ecommerce at Airtel Bangladesh Limited. Miss Doula believes that working is a very important thing. In the corporate world, the matter has to be decided at that moment. He has been involved in the telecommunications sector for over sixteen years, including corporate ideas and long-term strategies, all driving marketing interrelated functions.