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Top Ten Web Hosting Companies of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in Bangladesh The number of web hosting companies in Bangladesh is numerous. Now we will discuss the top ten web hosting companies in Bangladesh. Here is a list we made according to their client and service. Let’s check out the best Bangladeshi web hosting company.

Top Web Hosting Companies of Bangladesh.

1. Web Host BD:

Web Host BD is a well-known web hosting company in our Bangladesh. Host BD on the web provides domain and SSD web hosting services in Bangladesh. This company has a strong hosting server in the US.

2. Hosting Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is one of the another  web hosting companies of  Bangladesh now.Hosting Bangladesh provides experience with real server management experience. The aspect of this hosting company is pleasant good.

3. ZHost :

Jost is not just a company, a brand, we believe in honesty, hard work and integrity, the company never costs you a secret charge.

4. Bluehost:

Bluehost, a web hosting company founded in 2003, is a leading web solutions provider.


Founded in 2012, Toshist Ltd., we are expanding and growing daily which is the key to our success. We use enterprise grade tools so that whatever the other client nodes are, your service should always be faster than you expect. Toshost Worldwide Reprint Update July 2015.

6. Dhaka, Web Host Ltd:

Dhaka Web Host Limited is a privately held joint-stock web hosting company, which was established in 20 years and then provides more than 5 people and businesses.

7. BD Host It:

BD Host is a web hosting company Bangladesh.BD Host provides the best solution for personal and business purposes.

8. Web Tech Soft: is a leading domain, hosting, website design and ecommerce solution company. WebTech software provides domain, hosting, design and so on.

9. Boss Host BD:

Boss Host BD is also  a other  web hosting company in Bangladesh now . Boss Host provides 20 * 7 BD domains, hosting, web design and customer support.

10. Eicra Soft Ltd:

Eicra Soft Limited is one of the web hosting companies of Bangladesh. It provides domain, hosting, web design and IT solutions for their customers. Total of them are now the most excellent and popular web hosting companies in our Bangladesh.