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Top 10 online shopping websites in Bangladesh.

Time is considered valuable and valuable. In this aggressive world, public want to handling their time as best they can. Above all, time is considered as money. With the opportunity of fast and economical internet, Bangladeshi people are continuously developing a civilization of using the internet as a part of their everyday lives. From paying bills to ordering food to restaurants, people are saving time and energy with just a few clicks. In this change in the daily life of people

From paying bills to ordering food to restaurants, people are saving time and energy with just a few clicks. With these changes in people’s daily lives, online shops are slowly becoming more and more popular.
The e-commerce association of Bangladesh has soon engaged in the development of Bangladesh’s e-commerce sector known as e-cab. With developing reputation, a important number of spending sites have been popping up in modern years, and many more are emerging every day. These sites are traffic

Top online shopping sites in Bangladesh with Cash on Delivery Service point.

When shopping online, people look for reliable online shops where they can get the best product without any hassle. We have checked the internet for you by searching the 21 best online shopping sites in Bangladesh where you can buy your product with the best service. Here is a list of the top 21 Bangladeshi online purchasing sites and the sites listed here provide easy product purchase with cash on delivery service.

Top online shopping sites in Bangladesh.

1. – Online Shopping in Bangladesh: has caught everyone’s attention by promoting their band in very exceptional ways. By choosing Bangladesh National Cricket squad commander Mashrafei Bin Mortaza as a brandagent, Azdial has done their social media marketing like no other. In today’s competing marketplace, bids amazing products with almost all types of consumer products at a demand price. Offering up to 65% off products, provided you buy a certain amount of products

They trade about everything you need, garments, home decoration, electronics, kitchen instrument, jewelry, wristwatch, mobile phones and even food accessories here. The website also offers wthout cost home delivery when you order products through their app. You have a great opportunity to track the processing status of your order by posting the booking code / POD number of the product you ordered on the site, which is very convenient.

If the product you received has a defect, you also have the option of returning it. The site offers a variety of payment methods such as cash on delivery, development, DBBL banking payment, IPA, MasterCard, Viscard, AMX. They even offer a cash back rate of 10% to 50% when paid through development.

 online shopping sites of Bangladesh .

2. – Fashion, Electronics, Mobiles:

As one of the very most top online shopping websites in Bangladesh, offers a wide range of products. You can get electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, sports items, decorations, beauty and health, baby care needs, toys, watches, automobiles and motor bikes and more. With a fast delivery service, is recommended by many. You can also track the processing status of your product.

Even if you do not like your product in any way, you can return the product you ordered, in case you have to return it within days from the date of delivery. However, you need to scroll through the list of products that meet the terms and conditions of return as not all products are refundable.

The site has various payment methods like cash on delivery, swipe on delivery (only available in Dhaka), rocket, credit/debit card, development. When you use Vikas as your payment method, you can get instant cashback amounts. You can also gain discount coupons by purchasing from here. Another popular online shop, recently joined

Top online shopping sites. 

3. – Online Bookshop in Bangladesh:

make in 2002, is a very most unique website in Bangladesh recent now. It is the first online bookstore in Bangladesh. Being the biggest online bookshop site in Bangladesh, offers a wide range of books for people of all ages, up to 50% off. Science fiction, literature, history, religion, allegories, novels, law, politics, health, drawing, business, you can find any book you can find in any category. Offering low-cost rates for all needy books, is now one of the top in Bangladesh. has issued a return and return policy for all of their books within 3 days of their delivery date. If you would like to gift a book to your loved one, can make this possible with just a few clicks. If you prefer to read books, is the kind of shop you are looking for.
Apart from trading books, this website sells T-shirts, electronics, mobile phones, etc. has various payment options such as cash on delivery, bKash, Visa, Payza, MasterCard, American Express, Rocket, etc.

online shopping sites.

4. – Mobiles and Electronics:

One of the very most bigest online gadget stores, offers you a wide range of electronics products at great prices. By concentrate mainly on electronic and technical types, has successfully ranked Bangladesh’s online users as one of the top. From laptops to mobile phones, LCD TVs to kitchen ovens, has all the electronic equipment you need.

They also have a 24 hours delivery supply for several products (within Dhaka city). provides a 3 day rebound method from the date of delivery of all products. offers a variety of payment methods, including cash on delivery, swipe on delivery, Visa and online payment using MasterCard and Vikas.

Bangladeshi Top online shopping sites.

5. – Fashion, Watches, Electronics:

Previously renamed as, formerly known as dot com. This site is based mostly on youth lifestyle. You can find all the essentials you need at This site is most suitable for today’s youth and is gaining popularity day by day. provides a simple refund policy as well as a replacement policy for removable items, but it must remain within 7 days from the date of delivery, provided you do not use it.
Their payment options include cash on delivery, debit/credit card, bKash, and Payza. You can even payment directly from the office which is very most unique.

6. – Online Shopping in Bangladesh:

After announce on 27th, has become a most popular online shop website in Bangladesh. The site also contains dry food items. This site serves 2 days outside Dhaka city and 3-4 days outside Dhaka city.

The ordered product can be replaced within 3 days of the delivery date.
Their payment method includes cash on delivery, bKash, VisaCard, American Express Card and MasterCard.

7. – PRAN Company’s eCommerce Website: usually offers all kinds of products. They have dress, necklace, electronics, makeup, toys, accessories, furniture, home appliances, etc. has everything you need in your daily life. They alike exchange a bike here at 0% EMI. Othoba offers a seven day return policy as of the date of delivery of most of them products. Their payment methods include online payment, cash on-line distribution, development and payments.

8. is a most popular Online Grocery web Shopping site in Bangladesh.When you want to buy groceries but don’t want to go out, is the store to watch. is by far one of the very most provided online grocery shop stores in Bangladesh. Available products at include fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, rice, beverages, baby care products, home appliances and cleaning, pest control, etc. Basically, is a very famous online shopping grocery store where you can buy grocery products without your comfortable bed. You need

The site also suggests free home delivery if you purchase a certain amount of them products. Also, recomments regular sales promotion with exciting discounts.The exciting thing is that you get a 3% discount on your first purchase. The app is also available on your Android and iOS phones. Payment methods include Master Card, Visa card, cash on development and of course delivery.

9. – Home Living Products:

actuality the first online shopping website retailer, instituted its marketplace for 25 years. This website target on selling only kitchens, food, buses and decorative items. You can find everything you need for your home right here. is one of the few websites that preffers combo packages, and you can find the price tag for these packages very attractive. The method of payment is simply “delivery cash”.

10. is Another Online Grocery Shop in is a website that sells food items sells Khasfood focuses on most organic grocery items. You can see different types of food items like rice, milk, honey, puffed rice, sugar, flour, different types of oils and spices, nuts, drinks, jams and jellies, exotic apricots and dried fish.

If you regulation more than one thousand products, you can receive any products free home delivery. This website offers free item  and package purchase.
Khasfood gives the payment method on of the most continents. You can give through almost all bank channels. You can give by using cash to advance, rock, and of course distribute.