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Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Fashion House, Fashion is one of the emerging industries in the world. If you know what fashion is here, then you should definitely buy high fashion products from these fashion houses. Some of the biggest fashion TVs in the world also tell how these fashion houses can meet the tastes of these fashion seekers.

There are hundreds of fashion houses and boutiques in Bangladesh. So building a top ten fashion house is a really difficult task where Bangladeshi people are getting into fashion concerns day by day.

So the trend snap represents “the top decade influential fashion houses in the fashion world of Bangladesh”, all these fashion houses should come online and join the trend snap where the decision is fashion.

Top 10 Fashion House of Bangladesh.

1. Aarong:

Aarong is a leading lifestyle retailer in Bangladesh, a leading private company operated under BRAC. A socially responsible company. Acting as a platform where independent cooperative groups and family-based artisans market their craft.

At a glance of Aarong :

Establishment Year:1978
Founder: Ayesha Abed.


  • Men: Traditional, Executive Shirts, Manja, Fotooa, Short Kurta, T-Shirts, Stools / Shirts, Sandals, etc.
  • Women: Traditional, Western, Nightwear, Shoes / Scarves, Shoes, Bags, Fabrics, Tops, Pants, etc.
  • Jewelry Products: Gold, Silver, Pear, Other.

Contact Address: Aarong center, 346, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208

Phone no.: 88028891404
Website address:

Best Top 10 Fashion House of Bangladesh.

2.Cats Eye :

Cats Eye are one of the leading fashion houses in Bangladesh. It is unique and popular for the trendsetting fashion. It is the guide to the design of the garments of the people of Bangladesh. Now they are also working on women’s clothing.

At a glance of Cats Eye:

Establishment Year of Cats Eye : 1980.

Founder Name: Mr. Sayeed Siddiqui Rumi & Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora.

Product  Types :

Men’s Item : Shirts, pants, Panjabi, jeans
Women’sItem : salwar kameez, clothes, etc, shoes and other fashion accessories.

Contact  Address:- Minita Plaza,6th Floor, 54 new Elephant Road Dhaka-1205.

Phone no.: 02 9665184, 02 9660486

Website Address :

Best Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh.


Richman is the leading fashion houses of Bangladesh. It is popular for men’s clothing. Lubnan Trade Consortium Limited is Richman’s parent company.

At a glance of Richman: 

Founder Name : Mr. Mohammad Junaid

Product  Types:

Men’s Item : Shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, pant, formal pant, casual pant, denim pant, blazer, accessories etc.
Women’s Item :

Contact Address: Home Stead Link Tower, TA-99, Gulshan Badda link Road, (12th & 13th floor), Dhaka-1212

Phone No.: +88-02-9841504, +88-02-9860614

Website Address :

Top Fashion House of Bangladesh.

4. Yellow fashion house Bangladesh:

Yellow is the trendiest fashion brand from Bangladesh, mostly for its truly international quality designs and fabrics distinguished by Beximco’s sister.

At a glance of Yellow: 

Establishment Year of Yellow : 2004.
Founder Name : Salman F Rahman.


Men’s Item : Formal shirt, Casual shirt, Underwear, T-shirt, polo- shirt, Scarf, Fatua Jeans Panjabi etc.
Women’s Item: Kamiz, Tops, Fatua, Scarf, Jeans, Ladies kurta, Ladies accessories etc.

Contact Address: Beximco Industrial Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone No.: 88 01754455533
Email Address : [email protected]
Website Address :

5.Ecstasy :

Ecstasy is a famous Bangladeshi fashion house. Her costume is very popular among young people for modern designs. As a result, Ecstasy has quickly become one of the largest fashion retailers in the country.

Establishment Year of Ecstasy : 1997.
Founder Name : Tanjim Haque.

Products Types:

Men’s Item : Formal shirt, Casual shirt, Underwear, T-shirt, polo- shirt, Scarf, Fatua, etc.
Women’sItem : Kamiz, Tops, Fatua, Scarf, Jeans, Ladies Kurta, Ladies accessories, etc.

Info of Contact Address:- (156 Kemal Attaturk Avenue),Concord Colosseum, 12th Floor, Banani, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh.

Phone No.: +8801941719894

Website Address :

Top  Fashion House in Bangladesh.


Rang, one of the top fashion houses in the country. Color weaving and handicrafts continue to contribute to the growth of the industry.

At a glance of Rang:  

Establishment Year of Rang : 1994
Founder name : Biplob Saha.

Products :

Men’s Item : Panjabi, Pajama, T-shirt, Polo-shirt, Shirt, Fatua etc.

Women’s Item : Saree, Kamiz, Scarf, Pajama, Fatua, Tops etc.

Info of  Contact Address:- (Shoilo Nibas Hossain Ahmed Road), Block – 2 Police Line, Narayangonj,Dhaka-1400, Bangladesh.

Phone No.: +880177774434, +8801984888444

Email Address : [email protected]

Website Address :

Best  10 Fashion House in Bangladesh.

7.Kay Kraft :

Kay Kraft t is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry known to all in Bangladesh. It is a retailer and wholesaler of Bangladeshi fashion houses for women, men and children.

At a glance of Kay Kraft:

Establishment Year of Kay Kraft: 1993.
Founder name : Khalid Mahmood and Shahnaz Khan


Men’s Item : Long Panjabi, Short Panjabi, Fatua, Formal Shirt, etc.
Women’s Item : Saree, Kamiz, Tops, Fatua, Scarf, etc.

Head Office Address :1/A North Adabar, Shaymoly, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.
Phone no’: +880 2-9872427
Email Address : [email protected]
Website Address :

Best  10 Fashion House of Bangladesh.

8.Anjan’s :

Anjan’s is a famous Bangladeshi fashion house. So, Anjan’s contribution not only to the making fashion line, but also to the workplace among women in poor villages.

At a glance Anjan’s:

Establishment Date of Anjan’s: 15th February 1994
Founder name : Shaheen Ahmed

Products :

Men’s Item : Traditional, Executive Shirts, Maanja, Fotua, Short Kurta, T‐shirts, etc.
Women’s Item : Traditional, Western, Nightwear, Shawls/Scarves, Shoes, Wedding dress, Saree, etc.

Contact Address: Khan Villa, 34/B, Chowdhury Para, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88-02-9362019, 88-02-8357754.
Website Address :

Best  Fashion House in Bangladesh.


Dorjibari is a famous fashion house in Bangladesh. It has become one of the top manufacturers and exporters of high fashion clothing and accessories for men, women and kids.

Establishment Year of Dorjibari : 2007.
Founder name : Md.Fazlur Rahman

Product types :

Men’s Item : Shirt, pant, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, etc.
Women’s Item : Saree, Salwar Kameez, Scarf, Kurti, Kids Wear, Footwear, Bag, Handicraft, accessories, etc.

Price Range: 750/- to 35,000/-

Contact Address: 4/1, Simson Road, (5-6th floor ), Ambia Tower, Shaddar ghat, Dhaka-1100.

Phone no.: 02-57396389, 01920215707

Email Address: [email protected]

Website Address :

Best  Fashion House of Bangladesh.


Bibiana is a renowned brand in traditional tahi dress with exclusive embroidery and exquisite fabric. Bibiana has a variety of traditional tiara dresses for ladies, men and kids with a trendy color, modern cut and festive look.

At a glance of Bibiana:

Establishment Date of Bibiana: 1st November 2001

Founder name : Lipi Khandoker

Product Types:

Man’s Item : Panjabi, Gents Fotua, Shirt, Shawl, Lungi, Jacket.
Women’s Item : SalwarKamiz, Ladies Fotua, Saree, Dopatta, Sherwani, Sandal, Household Accessories, Jewelry, Children, Salwar Kameez, etc.

Price Range: 500/- to 8000/-

Contact Address: Dhanmondi, Road No-5, House No-6, Ground Floor ( Near Central Hospital ),

Phone No.: 8616251

Email Address : [email protected]

Website Address :

Fashion House in Bangladesh.