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Top 10 Companies in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, at the top of the Bay of Bengal, is a sovereign state in South Asia. The country is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by the narrow Siliguri Corridor along the India-Myanmar border. It is the 7th most populous country in the world, with a population of 170,000,000, the 5th most populous country in Asia and the third most populous Muslim country.

Over the past two decades, Bangladesh’s economy has grown at 5% a year. In the financial year 2018-2019, Bangladesh’s per capita income has been hit by record growth. It achieved the GDP growth rate of 7.86% in the history of Bangladesh. Local companies are contributing significantly to the rapid growth of Bangladesh’s economy.

This is wonderful for the world but Bangladesh is somehow dragging their economy 109.1,000,000 labor force. In Bangladesh’s economy, local companies such as Pran, Beximco, Square are resources. The Group of Companies is pushing Bangladesh’s economy to a new level. Here we list the 3 group companies of Bangladesh.

List of 10 groups of companies in Bangladesh:


Today Pran is one of the largest food products products corporation in Bangladesh. Pran began his journey in 1981 as a fruit and vegetable processor. Life stands for ‘National Rural Progress Program’. Amjad Khan Chowdhury, retired Major-General, was established in 1981 to develop the rural economy and agricultural products. Pran’s products are transported to 140 countries these days.

RFL, on the other hand, started its operation with a cast iron in 1980 called ‘Rangpur Foundry Limited’. Today it is the market head in cast iron, PVC and plastic component. Its first shipment was valued at $ 3,000,000 and is constantly expanding its product line these days.Recently, 2017 animal exports reached $ 231,000,000.

Pran-RFL has 80000 direct employees and 200,000 indirect employees to carry out their operations across the country. The largest markets for this company are India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, Oman, Cassava and New Zealand. Pran-RFL Group’s Product Lift Generator, Cooking, Biscuit Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Juice, Rice, Snacks, Textiles, Cosmetics, Spices, Electronics, Furniture, Foundry, Bicycle, Stationery, Poly Bag, Hangman, Water Tank, PVC.

Contact PRAN-RFL Group:
105 Middle Badda,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-8835546, 880-2-8835547 Fax: 880-2-8820256


ACI is one of Bangladesh’s leading condominiums. ACI stands for ‘Advanced Chemical Industries’, founded by Mr M Anis ud Davala. East Pakistan was established in 1968 as an affiliate of ACI Imperial Chemical Industries (ICA). ACI is doing business in all three categories – Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Brands and Avobusiness. Of these, there are 8,384 employees across the country. In 2016, ACI marketed about 5,000 products in 5 countries across the continent.

ACI Sisters Concerns – ACI Consumer Brands, ACI Fertilizers, ACI Formations Ltd., ACI Agrochemicals, Apex Leather-Craft Ltd, ACI Salt Ltd, ACI Pure Flour Limited, ACI Foods Ltd., Practical Communications Limited, Pvt. Yamaha), ACI Logistics Ltd. (Shawano), ACI Healthcare Ltd. Iteda, ACI Consultants, pharmaceuticals ACI, ACI Electronics Ltd, Authorized Capital: Rs 500,000,000 paid-up capital: 482,200,000 Sale of money: money and 47,668,000,000 [June 2017] ACI Group Career –

Contact ACI Group:
ACI Centre 245, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.
Phone: (+8802) 8878603: Fax: (+8802) 8878619, 8878626.


The Navana Group is one of the largest private sector groups in Bangladesh and has a strong and distinguished business history. Navana was founded in 1964 by Mr. Zahurul Islam, one of the dynamic business magnates of Bangladesh. But Mr. Zahirul Islam’s business journey began in 1953 with a construction company called Bengal Development Corporation.

At that time, Navana was the largest business group in Bangladesh. Through this, another group company has expanded its business rapidly.
Navana is now doing business in such industries, including renewable energy and security protection. Mr. Shaful Islam Kamal, Chairman of Navana Group is now operating the Navana Group.

Navana currently has over 5500 employees in 20 different business units, with a number of companies diversifying its activities in various fields such as Navana Group, product and project marketing, construction and real estate business, international trading, distribution and production of various items.

Career at NAVANA–

NAVANA Petroleum:
NAVANA Engineering:
NAVANA Real-estate:
NAVANA Logistics:
Contact NAVANA Group:
Navana Toyota 3S Center,
205-207 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka – 1208.
Phone: +88-02-9892911, +88-02-9893048
Fax: +88-02-9885002


Abul Khair Group, one of the most  biggest group of companies in our bangladesh , Abul Khair Group. The group has a rich portfolio of businesses in cement, steel, ceramics, tobacco and consumer goods. Abul Khair Litu is an industrialist and entrepreneur of Bangladesh. He is known to be involved in the spread of culture, art, music, theater, literature of the country. Abul Khair Group has been operating their business as an industrial institution in Bangladesh since 1953.

It has established their production facilities for export of steel, ceramic, cement, cigarettes and food products. It was a cottage industry in 1953, it started as a tobacco marketer. Abul Khair Group is based in Chittagong, the commercial capital. It is one of Fast Growing Business Consumers, one of the countries engaged in marketing of various diversified Fast Moving Consumer (FMCG) products. Such as drinks, juice, snacks and branded tea, cement,

House no .: 75 New Raod  no .9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Phone Number: 9115972, 8115468


The Bashundhara Group has become one of the largest consumer industry in Bangladesh over the years. It was founded in 1987 by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan. It initially started its operations as a real estate company venture called East West Property Development Limited (EWPD). AWPD was a successful project then. Today, the number of employees in the Bashundhara Group is over 15000.

After its first successful project, Bashundhara started expanding its business. They invest in various new potential business areas, including manufacturing, industry, trading. Today it focuses on 20 key ideas and is about to invest in new fields. The Bashundhara Group received permission from the government to set up a special economic zone in Karaning, Dhaka.

It is a matter of great concern – East-West Property Development, Bashundhara Cement Industries Ltd., East West Media Group, Social Islami Bank Limited, Bashundhara Kings, Rangpur Raiders, Meghna Cement Mills Ltd. (Member of Bangladesh)

Plot # 125/A, Block# A, Bashundhara R/A,
Road No – 2 Baridhara,
Phone: +880 2 8432008-17
Phone: +880 2 8432196
Email: [email protected]


Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited, commonly known as its trade name Beximco, is a multinational holding company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded in the seventies. Beximco is one of the largest and most diverse industries in Bangladesh. It is a multinational company founded in 1970 with two brothers – Ahmed Sohali Fasur Rahman and Asaf Rahman.

Since 1970, Beximco has been proudly presenting Bangladesh with the world’s doors through modern textiles, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and IT. This is the first Bangladeshi company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today Beximco exports their products to 103 countries. Of these, 60,000 are working for Beximco worldwide.

Beximco holds the largest vertical textile and garment company in South Asia. It is also one of the largest exporter of pharmaceutical products. Beximco Pharmaceutical products are exported to 45 countries. Beximco is one of Beximco’s companies Career at BEXIMCO Pharma.

19 Dhanmondi R/A
Road No. 7, Dhaka 1205
Phone: +880-2-58611001-7, +880-2-58613888, +880-2-58614601
Email: [email protected]
web address :


Samson H Chowdhury and his friend founded Square Group in 1958 as a private organization. It became public in 1991 and is currently holding a strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry. Square Group company  is recent  on its way to developing  a High Performance Global Player for our country . There are 28000 people working in various business units of Square Group.

Square is expanding its business into a consumer product, cosmetics, health products, textiles, agricultural vet products, textiles, agricultural vet products, information technology and more. Its annual turnover is now 616,000,000 USD. Career Square Pharma – companies include – Beximco

SQUARE Centre 48, Mohakhali C/A Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-9859007, +88-02-8833047-56
Fax: +88-02-8834941, +88-02-8828768
Email: [email protected]


City Group started business in 1972 with the initiative of a mustard oil company called City Oil Mills. Of these, 40 are of major concern in Bangladesh. Fazlur Rahman was the person  fundament the City Group. It is awarded the world-renowned UK-based Superbrand Award 2009.

City Group’s business includes consumer goods, food, steel, print packaging, shipping, electricity and energy, shares and securities, insurance, media and healthcare. The City Group’s total manpower is around 10000 jobs for various business units.

Some of the companies of the City Group are – City Oil Mills, City Re-Rolling Mills, City Vegetable Oil Mills Limited, City Tantu Limited, Hassan Plastics Industries Limited, Hassan Atta Mills Limited, Hassan Printing Packaging Limited, Hassan Container Navy Ltd. Pet Industries Ltd., Shampa Oil Mills Limited, City Dal Mills Limited, Farzana Oil Refinery Imiteda, voting Oil Refinery Limited, City Feed Products Ltd, luster Food Products Limited, City Seed Crushing Industries Limited, City Salt Industries Ltd.,

Contact CITY Group:
City House,
Plot no. : NW (J) 06, Road no. : 51, Gulshan – 02,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone: +88-02-9852363 +88-02-9852367
web address :


Partex Group has become one of the largest condominiums industry in Bangladesh. Paratex started its business in 1959 with tobacco trading in Bangladesh. It was founded by well-known industrialist MA Hashem. The group runs its business with brands unlike the food and beverage, steel, real estate, furniture, leading, plastic, and more sectors.

Partex is among about 40 concerns these days. Some companies of Partex Group: Partex Cables Ltd, Star Particle Board Mills Limited, Partex Furniture, Partex Builders Limited, Star Gypsum Board Mills Limited, Partex Lamilates Limited, Partex Impression Limited, Partex PVC Industries Limited, Pertex Industries Ltd., Ltd., Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd.,

Also ,Wm Yanisa Foods Limited, the Danish Distribution Network Limited, the Danish milk Bangladesh Limited. City Group’s businesses include consumer goods, food, steel, printing packaging, shipping, electricity and energy, shares and securities, insurance, media, and healthcare.

Career at PARTEX Group-
Contact PARTEX Group:
House no. : 37, Road no. : 1, Block no. : I, Banani,
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.


Anand Group is a business group in Bangladesh. In 1983, Anand Builder discovered the first Anand company. Anand Group is a leading organization of Bangladesh and recognized in 1983 by Dr. Abdullah Bari Farina. The team’s well-known concern is Anand Shipyard Sleeve Limited. Other industrial units include Heavy Textiles, Engineering, Real Estate. Some companies of Partex Group: Partex Cables Ltd, Star Particle Board Mills Limited, Partex Furniture, Partex Builders Limited.

And Star Gypsum Board Mills Limited, Partex Lamilates Limited, Partex Impression Limited, Partex PVC Industries Limited, Pertex Industries Ltd., Ltd., Danish Condensed Milk (BD) Ltd., Wm Yanisa Foods Limited, the Danish Distribution Network Limited, the Danish milk Bangladesh Limited. City Group’s businesses include consumer goods, food, steel, printing packaging, shipping, electricity and energy, shares and securities, insurance, media, and healthcare.

Contact Address:
10/1 (9th Floor), City Heart,
67 Nayapaltan, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Tel: 9352031-3, 9330609, 9331510
Fax: +880-2-8312681