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Top 10 Actor in TV Media in Bangladesh.

The top ten actors in the most well known and renowned Bangladeshi TV media. Publish the top ten actors in TV media of Bangladesh Bangla drama is an element of our culture. The producers, actors and actresses of Bangladesh did very well in the past, still doing well. There are many popular actors in TV media now in Bangladesh. Now we are going to describe in the short top ten of them.

The actors who are really good at acting and have a special ability in their activities were listed here. Stardom

Top 10 Actor in TV Media of Bangladesh.

1. Chanchal Chowdhury (Actor ):

Chanchal Chowdhury, a popular Bangladeshi actor, is known for working with Ayanabazi (2016), Manpura (2009) and Monir Manush (2010).
This man has changed the structure of film in Bangladesh. He never did any kind of substandard movie. He played many challenging roles in ‘Mirror’ like ‘Mirror’. He also acted in the film ‘Manpura’. Which was critically and commercially acclaimed? He acted in a joint venture called ‘Manir Manush’. His movie was great in that movie.

Top Actor in TV Media in Bangladesh.

2. Mosharraf Karim(Actor):

Mosharraf Karim, a popular Bangladeshi actor known for his performances, Zalar Golpo (2014), Cinnamon Island (2007) and Ogatonama (2016), was married to Robena Reza Juani on October 25th. They have one child.

Nationally awarded actor who can make you laugh on screen and make you cry at the same time. This person may be the only actor who has been praised by critics and audiences alike. People laugh and cry as they perform in the film ‘Cinnamon Deep’. His performance in the film ‘Jalar Golpo’ was praised worldwide. He was Don

Top Actor in TV Media of Bangladesh.

3.Fazlur Rahman Babu(Actor):

One of the most popular Bangladeshi actor Fazlur Rahman Babu Kumar Fazlur Rahman Babu removed his career when he joined Baishakh Natya Ghosti’s theater in Fatehpur. He is one of the most popular actors as well as singer. He worked in many films, such as plays and plays like Dharuchini Deep, Bihongo, Ah etc. He won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Award.

Top Actor in TV Media.

4. Zahid Hasan(Actor):

Zahid Hassan, one of the most popular actor of Bangladesh was born on October 6, 6767. He is an ordinary actor of Bangladesh. His wife, Sadia Islam Mou, is a famous actor model and choreographer. He has graduated in many plays, serials, plays and films such as Arman Bhai Fisa Giz, Bighorn, Formalin, etc.

Top Actor in Bangladesh.

5. Humayun Faridi(Actor)

Humayun Faridi, one of the most popular actors of Bangladesh, was born on May 12, Dhaka in Dhaka, East Pakistan. He was an actor known for his motherhood (2005), Palabi Kotha (1997) and Sotorko Shoyetan (1993). He was married to Subarna Mostafa and Minu. He died on February 7, 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Top Actor.

6.Mahfuz Ahmed:

Famous Bangladeshi actor Mahfuz Ahmed is now a famous actor of Bangladesh. He earned the National Film Award for Best Actor for All Objection Pictures. He has starred in many current films and plays like Shraban Megh Day, Do Duari, Joyatra.

7.Tauquir Ahmed(Actor):

Popular actor of Bangladesh Toukir Ahmed is one of the most popular actors in Bangladesh till now. He is also an architect and actor. He has performed many films and plays and has shown some plays. How his echoes, Nadir’s name, Modhumoti, Breather Beyond etc. are a famous act of his.

8. Asaduzzaman Nur:

Popular actor of Bangladesh Asaduzzaman Noor is a great actor as well as a member of the current parliament of Bangladesh. He has acted in various films, plays, drama plays like El Sob day night, Ayomoy, Bohubrahi, and today on Sunday.

9. Salauddin Lavlu:

Not only is Saladin Lavlu, a popular actor in Bangladesh, a great actor, but also a great director of Bangladesh. He directed many popular plays and films such as Roger Manush, Ghost, Sindhukanama, Harkipte, Alta Sundari etc. All of them are most famous and well-known Tv actors of Bangladesh recent.
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10. A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman(Actor):

Popular Actor of Bangladesh A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman was born on 10 September 1941 in Noakhali, East Bengal, British India. He is an actor and writer known for Chorabali (212), Choriwala (2001) and Som Boshena Porila (20).