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The Best TOP Ten IT Company in Bangladesh.

IT (IT) is spreading globally which is essential for the development of a nation. Big IT companies are opening their businesses around the world to build IT platforms and expand their IT industry. Nowadays technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and many other companies are investing heavily in Asian countries to reduce their costs.

The largest Asian country in Bangladesh, which is cheaper than other countries in Asia, can benefit from this initiative and provide a foreign investment platform. Many IT companies have been established over the years to create ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and initiatives are coming here.

Bangladesh’s IT sector is expanding rapidly and IT companies promise to meet the needs of foreign clients as well as local clients. The government of Bangladesh is now investing large sums of money in the development of the IT sector.

TOP Ten IT Company in Bangladesh.

01. TigerIT Bangladesh LTD.

Tiger, 6 years of experience working in software development. It is one of the best software companies around Bangladesh to create Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FISE). For the 2008 general elections in Bangladesh, Tiger built it a complete software for the National Identity Card and Voter Registration Project. There are 20,000 employees, 500id management server built by Tiger.

2. Datasoft Systems BD Ltd.

DataSoft is well-known as the first KIM-Level 3 software development company in Bangladesh. For both corporate and public, Data Soft provides innovative and cost effective technical services for customers. The digitalization of Bangladesh has contributed significantly to the design and design of projects.

3. Magnito Digital Limited.

It is the largest digital company in Bangladesh consisting of 70 people. Magneto Digital has to deal with Bangladesh’s biggest clients and solve problems through coordination with information and technology and creative techniques. The ‘South Asia’ category of ‘Campaign Asia-Pacific’ became digital. They believe that they will drive sustainable development of technology innovation.

4. Newscred.

NewScreen is working on a mission to re-invent marketing for everyone. They prioritize confidence in everything because it is the basis of their values. They love to work together and believe in the power of a tight knit company. Employers come up with solutions when they face challenges and provide encouragement, support colleagues.

5. Southtech Group.

SouthTech Group is one of the largest company which is Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, ISO 9001 certified and the first Com Level 3 Aptitude Software company in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1996. In 2011, South-Tech Limited received the European International Art Award for Quality and Technology in the Gold category. Young professional team awarded runner-up in ‘Code Fighter Challenge’.

6. LeadSoft Bangladesh LTD.

Leedsoft is a software development company founded in 1999. The company’s mission is to realize the customer’s business and delivery results through their experience. The mission of the company is to fulfill customer needs thus the customer’s dream website and software come true.

7. Brain Station 23 Limited.

Brain Station 20 Limited, the largest software company and its company, started in 2006. It offers market software products both globally and locally. In the IT sector some countries are spreading today such as Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, UK, USA, Israel.

8. Kaz Software.

Founded in 2004, Cause Soft Ltd. It is one of the custom software companies in Bangladesh to create simple software. Professional designers, engineers, content experts associated with this company. KageSoft has multiple industries and offers software development and content management services to international customer service.

9. REVE Systems.

Reeve Systems began its journey in 2003 to serve the IP-based communications industry. Nowadays, Reeve systems lead to mobile VoIP, SIP software-switches, VoIP billing, bandwidth optimization, Web-BRTC, enterprise communication, e-governance, and mobile OTT. They strive to provide 24 × 7 platinum levels by their experienced and trained engineers, so that they can support their clients and ensure that their service is available to their customers. Reeve Systems has received many awards including the 2012 NGN Leadership Award and the 2011 Unified Communication Excellence Award.

10. Large It Solution.

Big Solution is one of the best companies in Bangladesh. The journey started in 2016. It is used to production high quality, money-making, reliable, result oriented, web and spending solutions. Their young and experienced professionals provide a maximum return on foreign and local investment at the least possible time with their talents and skills.

The company develops a distinctive web solution that assures competitive advantage and improves the functionality for their business.