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The Best and Famous School in Dhaka City.

  1. Viqarunnisa Noon School.

  2. Government Laboratory High School.

  3. Ideal School and College.

  4. Rifles Public School and College.

  5. Dhaka Residential Model College.

  6. Rajuk Uttara Model School & College.

  7. Holy Cross Girls’ High School.

  8. St. Gregory’s High School.

  9. Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School.

  10. Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School.

  11. Udayan Higher Secondary School Dhaka.

 Viqarunnisa Noon School:

Vikarunnisa Nun School: Vikarunnisa Nun School and College (Bangla: Vikarunnisa Nun School and College) is a girl’s high school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has 25,000 students on four campuses in the city. It was named after Lady Noon, Vicar Ann Nisa Noon. It is a girls’ education institute on Bailey Road in Bahaka, Bangladesh. Vikarunnisa Noon School and College is one of the most renowned educational institutions in Bangladesh.

It has a glorious past. The school was started as a Ramna Preparatory School in 3।. In 6, Austrian Pakistani social worker Begum Vikar Una Nisa, the wife of the then East Pakistan Governor Feroz Khan Nun, was fascinated. With his help the school was moved to its present location on Bailey Road, where it was named in his honor.

It was soon expanded to a high school and prepared students for the Senior Cambridge Examination at ।6. ১৯ In 1977 it started a college department with a high school course. It was founded by Begum Vicarunnisa Noon, wife of Mr. Firoz Khan Noon, in the year 42. Who was the governor of East Pakistan. From the beginning to the present, this academic institute has made its image equally visible in the skies of educational institutions.

Government Laboratory High School:

Government Laboratory High School: Government Laboratory High School is one of the top schools in Bangladesh. Government Laboratory High School (Government Laboratory) is a school in Isaka, Dhanaka, Dhanmondi. The school was established on September 3, 1919. Muhammad Osman Gani, the principal of the adjacent teacher training college, tried to establish a setting to assist his trainees in the teaching practice. It was from this idea that the Government Laboratory High School was created.

The school was inaugurated by the then Director of the Department of Public Education (DPI) Muhammad Shamsul Haque. The first head teacher was Khan Muhammad Salek, who served 12 years.

Ideal School and College:

Ideal School and College: Ideal School and College (Bangla: Ideal College and College), formerly known as Ideal High School or Motijheel Ideal School (henceforth name) is an educational institution established in Bangladesh. Although the school was meant to provide food for the children in the surrounding area, the students came from different areas of Dhaka. After its inauguration, it was a junior school until 19১৯. In 1972 the school was a high

School students took the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam (O-level equivalent) for the first time in 197১৯ and achieved a remarkable achievement for the first time. During the first 25 years, the school grew only as a high school (10 years of formal education according to Bangladeshi standards).

Following the demands and requests of parents, a college for women students (eleventh and twelfth year of formal education according to Bangladeshi standards) was added. There are three campuses of Adarsh ​​School and College around Motijheel School in Banasree and recently opened in Mugada.

Rifles Public School and College:

Rifles Public School and College: Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College (BNMPC) (Bangla: Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Public College) (formerly known as Birshrestha Noor Mohammad Rifles Public School and College (BNMRPSC)) is a Bangladeshi secondary school and college within which. Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) is headquartered in Dhanmondi. Border Guards is originally established to train the staff of Bangladesh. It is also open to the general public.

The institute was established as a junior school on August 2, ।ior7. In 1978, it was recognized as a secondary school. The first batch of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination appeared in 3. The institution was promoted to a college in 9 and the first appeared in the Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) examinations. An English version of the Institute was established in the 21st. The name of the organization was changed in the 21st due to the renaming of Border Guard Bangladesh

Dhaka Residential Model College:

Dhaka Dhaka Residential Model College: DRMC is the largest public and one of the largest residential schools in Dhaka Dhaka Dhaka Residential Model College (also known as DRMC) (Bangla: Resaka Residential Model College), formerly known as Residential Model School, is a public school Mohammadpur, Dhaka. , Bangladesh. The school provides education for students in grades 3 through 12 (about 7 to 18 years old).

There are more than 5,000 students out of which 1,000 are in its six hostels. যখন When Pakistan Government was a part of Pakistan in Pakistan০ Pakistan Government established this school. The school was the only school in Bangladesh under the direct control of the Ministry, and it still holds this special status till 2002. DRMC is one of the most competitive schools in the country. Entrance is based on an Entrance Examination, Treatment Examination and an Interview [[Website: W drmc edu bd.

Holy Cross Girls’ High School:

Holy Cross Girls High School: Holy Cross Girls’ High School is one of the top schools in Bangladesh. It is a girls’ primary and secondary school for girls in Tejgaon, Dhaka. It serves students from first grade to tenth grade, although operated by the Roman Catholic Church, the school is open to students of all faiths. ক্রস Holly Cross Girls High School in Cross হ As a kindergarten with two students, Holy Cross Girls High School opened at Holy Rosary Church in 9.

The following year it became a primary school. Later it was approved by the Board of Secondary and Secondary Education of the class as a high school student through tenth grade. The first group of students from the school passed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam in 1966. The school was then a humanities and science department. It opened a trade division in 1999

Rajuk Uttara Model School & College:

RAJUK Uttara Model School & College: RAJUK Uttara Model College (RMUC) (Bangla: RAJUK Students Model College) is a co-educational Bangladeshi Secondary School (VI class VI) located in Uttara, about one km north of Shahjalal International Airport.

It was founded in the 5th. The school arranges for students to study Bengali and English medium under the national curriculum. Students are enrolled in the institution in sixth, ninth and eleventh grades. The school has about 000০০০ students and employs more than 200 teaching staff and 100 more staff.

Website Address :-1 www rajukcollege net./,
Website Address :-2 www rajukcollege edu bd./

St. Gregory’s High School:

St. Gregory’s High School: St. Gregory’s High School and College, Bangladesh, a Catholic high school founded by British Gregorian Father Father Gregory de Groot in Belgium in Dhaka, British India. The school was named after Pope Gregory I (540-604), located on Subhas Bose Avenue, in the neighborhood of Luxmebazar, in Old Dhaka. Brother Prodip Placid Gomes is the current head teacher at CSC School

Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School:

Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School: Dhanmondi Government. Girls’ High School, Dhaka (Prime Minister’s School Girl’s High School, Dhaka) is a renowned educational institution. It was established in 1965 with the aim of promoting women’s education. It sits on the day shift, and the school is open from 12:30 to 5:25 pm. Dhanmondi Government Boys’ High School (DGBHS) is a public school located in Dhanmondi, Bangladesh.

It is a state-run educational institution located at the intersection of Mirpur Road and Manik Mia Avenue. This is AIN: 107960. The school was established in then Pakistan in then65 and followed the SSC curriculum of Bengali medium.

Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School:

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School: St. Joseph’s High School (St. Joseph Higher Secondary School) is a Catholic high school in Mohammadpur, the capital of Bangladesh. It is a mono-ed (boys’) school that teaches from the third grade to the twelfth grade, with an average age of 8-18 years. The school is a single shift school with 2500 students.

“Joseph English Medium School”, established in 1954 as “St. Joseph” ১ 16 was a General Certificate of Institution (GCE) based teaching by the Congregation of the Holy Cross Missionaries of the present-day Old Territory of Monir Hossain Lane, Inda. The current campus is 97৯, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. Website: www sjs edu bd

Udayan Higher Secondary School:

Udayan High School Dhaka, Dhaka, a private high school in Bangladesh, formerly known as Udayan School, was founded in Dhaka by the University of Dhaka. It is a co-educational institution. The school was first assigned a small land and two sheds. With the increase in the number of students, it was promoted to a secondary school and a higher secondary post-independence of Bangladesh. ১৯ In 1976, it received formal recognition from the Mediate Dhaka Intermediate and Secondary Education Board

In the 5th, it applied for a larger space and the University of Dhaka donated 30,000 square feet (2,800m2) of land, far from its original location on Fuller Road. The construction of the new five-storeyed building was completed in 177 AD. Established under the grant of Dhaka University, the school enjoyed the status of a private institution.