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Top Ten Insurance Company in Bangladesh.

insurance industry in bangladesh 2018.

Insurance Company is any insurance company, partnership or association that may be injured under the Companies Act, 1913. The Insurance administrative and Regulatory Authority of Bangladesh (IDRA) has been the only administrative body to discipline and progress Bangladesh’s insurance sector since 2010. There are many insurance companies in Bangladesh. We try to order them in the top ten. We hope this effort is helpful to everyone.

Here you should see the top ten insurance companies in Bangladesh right now. Top 10 list insurance company names and their income, net worth and overview. Top 10 Insurance Companies in Bangladesh The best BD insurance company at the moment. Top 5 car insurance companies in Bangladesh. Alcoa, Life Insurance, Delta Life Insurance.

Top Insurance Company in Bangladesh.

1. American Life Insurance Company:

American Life Insurance Company is one of the oldest companies in Bangladesh. It has been operating since 1952 and is thought to be a US based insurance company, they have successfully adopted it according to the needs and expectations of the people of Bangladesh.

2. Jiban Bima Corporation:

Jiban Insurance Corporation is one of the state-owned insurance corporations in Bangladesh, with branches throughout Bangladesh. The term life insurance means life insurance which comes from the Bengali language.

3. Delta Life Insurance Company Limited:

Delta Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is the first private insurance company in Bangladesh since 1984. This extends the scope of work abroad. Delta Life Insurance Co Ltd has been established to provide nationwide service to the insurance service across the country.

4. Popular Life Insurance Company Limited:

Popular Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the unique insurance company in Bangladesh. This unique insurance company starts to reach out to all the indirect people in Bangladesh and they are successful with their direct beneficial schemes and other offers.

5. Shandhani Life Insurance Company Ltd:

Shandani Life Insurance Company is changing the society in their ‘Micro Insurance’ section. The insurance company has been working in Bangladesh for 20 years. Shandhani Life Insurance is used by poor people and low income people to buy insurance and they provide low insurance and low cost insurance and soon they are able to lose customers in Bangladesh.

6. Meghna Life Insurance Co. Ltd:

Standard Meghna Life Insurance was established in 1996 with the idea of providing modern convenience at the right price.

7. Takaful Islami Insurance Ltd:

Since Bangladesh is an Islamic country, many projects have been launched based on this Takfatul Islamic Insurance. This company operates in both the sector life and life insurance. It has successfully created a large network across the country.

8. Pragati Insurance Co Ltd:

Pragati Life Insurance is a non-life insurance company in Bangladesh. It provides various schemes like Mediclaim Insurance, Accident Insurance, Building Insurance, Factory Based Insurance, Aviation Insurance, Home Insurance etc.

9. Padma Life Insurance Co. Ltd:

Padma Life Insurance Company 2 Also and Islamic Insurance Company in Bangladesh. In addition to protecting Thai plans, there are aspects of growth in mind.

10. Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd:

From 2000 it began the journey with a focus on customer safety and benefits. These top 10 insurance companies arrogantly deliver the nation of Bangladesh.

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