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Top 10 Food and Beverage Companies in Bangladesh.

In the current years, the food industry of Bangladesh has expanded rapidly. Well-known companies like Pran, AFBL, ACI have made a lot of reputations by exporting different food products to different countries in the world and providing profitable frozen foods. The food of these companies is taking Bangladesh’s food industry to a new level.

Bangladesh’s food companies have been able to meet world-class standards of quality, taste and process of food production. Here we have listed the top well-known food and beverage companies in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Food and Beverage Industries in Bangladesh Recently-

1. Transcom Beverages Ltd.

Transcom Beverage Ltd (TBL) is the special PepsiCo Franchisee for Bangladesh. Transcom Group is one of  the most oldest and bigest companies in Bangladesh now. The businesses supporting this group consist of  beverage, foods, medicine ,pharmaceuticals, also radio channel, newspaper, electronics, etc. Their activity in Bangladesh primarily instituted in 1985 as a tea plantation company. This group employs more than 14,000 people.

TBL possesses and operates contemporary plants in Dhaka and Chittagong for bottling the famous soft drink brands such as Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Slice, Pepsi Diet, Mirinda, and 7UP Light. The company is growing by the motto to deal out sustained improvement in Bangladesh and move towards leading Beverage Company by best meeting people’s everyday beverages needs & stakeholders by delivering performance with principle.

TBL has been rewarded with several impressive national and global recognition for its’ extraordinary and wonderful venture through excellence,


Carbonated Soft Drinks (Pepsi, Pepsi Diet,  Mirinda, Mountain Dew,  7UP, 7UP Light), Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks (Slice), Energy Drink (Sting Energy Drink), Soda (Evervess), Drinking Water.

Factory Address:

Kaliakoir, Gazipur, Bangladesh.
Head office Contact:
Plot# 31, Road# 53
Gulshan North C.A, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212

2. Square Food & Beverage Ltd. (SFBL)

Square Consumer Products Limited began its journey in 2000 as a member of Square Group. Square Consumer Products Limited is the leading corporate house. Within a short time the company has been able to create a definite foothold in the market through its quality products and customer service.

The company got ISO 227 for its food security management in the 21st. More than a decade later, it was renewed on September 1, 2014 as Square Food and Beverage Ltd. with quince ruchi, rochi, cheesy and chopsticks. Radhuni is the company’s flagship brand. Radhuni’s product series is rich in basic spices, ready mixes, cereals and pulses, and is suitable for oil consumption.

Alternatively, Ruchi is providing ready-to-eat dishes such as potato crackers, Chanachur, Fried Pulses, Jhummuri, Ketchup, Jhrivaja, curry, chutney, sauce and pickles. Ruchi has won the hearts of young people for its healthy, delicious and innovative groundbreaking products. The company assures the growing demand for quality products at home and abroad. World-class goods are being exported to 30 countries.

Head Office Contact  Address :

Square Center (6th floor)
Corporate Headquarters.
48, Mohakhali CA, Dhaka Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88-02-8833047-56 [Ten lines]
Fax: 88-02-8835394

3. Akij Food and Beverage Ltd.

Akiz Food and Beverage Limited (AFBL) started its operation in 2006 as a unit of the Akij Group. Akiz Group is one of the largest industrial companies in Bangladesh. The group includes textiles, food and beverage, tobacco, cement, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, consumer products and more. AFBL produces an extensive collection of snacks and beverages for both domestic and global markets.

Founded by AFBL Parental Company, Akees Group, this is a project worth $ 70 million. AFBL began production of 400 bpf on carbonated soft drinks line and 300 bpf in juice line manufacture. Currently, the capacity of the AFBL is at ground level of 1900 bpf. Most of its equipment has been imported by world-class brands such as Cronus, Alpha Laval, Sipa, Tetra Pak, Risk to achieve the best quality.

AFBL Factory Contact Address:
Krishnapura, Dhamrai, Dhaka, N5. Phone: 02-9140251.
Main Office Contact:
Phone +880 96131 16609, [email protected] Akiz House, 198 Bir Uttam,
Mir Shawkat Sarak.
Gulshan Link Road,
Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208

4. Partex Beverage Ltd.

Partex Beverage Ltd. (PBL) is one of the top food and beverage manufacturers and marketing companies in Bangladesh and is a part of Partex Group. It produces a variety of foods and drinks for the domestic and global markets. Partex Group is one of the most famous industrial and business groups in Bangladesh. The factory was set up at Rajendrapur, 4 km from Dhaka city.

The company commenced commercial production on October 6, October 6, and RC3 opened in Dhaka on October 26, 1997. This is the story of how PBL Royal Crown Cola Co. International became the only official bottling company. Nearly 3 years have passed since now, and many new products have been brought to market. It has also launched RC in the neglected market outside Dhaka. Currently PBL is more than Tk.

The PBL started its first run in the export market in Nepal in the 21st and continued for the next two years. To understand the need for beverage products in the international market, the company has created a dedicated skilled export segment that successfully supports and empowers consumers worldwide.

Partex Beverage Contact:
Bir American Trench Road
Mohakhali, Dhaka – 1222, Bangladesh
Phone: +212222
Fax: +21223 Email: [email protected]

5. PRAN Foods Ltd.

Pran Group is a well-diversified company that was established in the 5th. “Pran” (Nationally Rural Progress Program) was founded by retired Major-General Amjad Khan Chowdhury. Pran has develop into one of the bigest food and beverage brand in Bangladesh now . Pran is considered as one of the leading and leading companies in the agro-based business industry of Bangladesh.

It is exporting and selling various food, beverage, confectionery products and plastic made households in 65 countries around the world. It is comprised of 12 companies with multiple product lines. Its annual income is about .650 crore. It is estimated that there are about 3000 employees working under the PRAN group. We know that it is an ISO 9001, UKAS Certified company.

The company is a leading internationally inappropriate consumer brand, producing around 20 agro-food products in 4 food categories, exporting to more than 5 countries. The company has juice, confectionery, mineral water, carbonated beverages, snacks, drinks, kitchens, bakeries, biscuits and dairy.

Head Office Contact:
105, Progoti Sarani Middle Badda
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: 09613-737777

6. ACI Foods Ltd.

ACI Foods Limited is a subsidiary of ACI Foods Limited Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited, contributing to the food sector of Bangladesh, including basic spices, blended spices, snacks, edible oils, confectionery, etc. It is focused on manufacturing, marketing, and developing Bangladeshi consumers’ food, with the aff company involved in food and machine allocation called authentic and FUN brand.

ACI is exporting its pure brand products to the list in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and many more countries. At present, consumers in Bangladesh are guaranteed 100% authentic food products with the brand ‘pure’ brand. The brand is enjoying a second-leading position in the market within a short time of entry.

Factory Address:
Cottage Char, Bhadraghat, Kamarkhand, Sirajganj
Phone: (+88) 01961 559762

Head Office Contact:
ACI Center
245, Tejgaon Industrial Area
120aka 1208, Bangladesh Telephone: 880 2 8878603
Fax-880 2 8878626, 8878619

7. IFAD Multi Products Ltd.

IFAD Multi Products Limited is recognized as the leading consumer food producer in Bangladesh. It was founded in the 21st. It started by creating the nation’s largest computerized flour mill and currently serves as one of the largest suppliers of flour products. This is  the largest consumer food producers of Bangladesh. Ifad Multi Products Limited is a sister concern of IFAD Group.

IFAD Group consists of IFAD Autos Ltd, Ifad Enterprise Limited, Ifad Multi-Products Limited, Ifad Salt and Chemical Industries, IFAD Agro Complex Limited, Ifad It and Ifad Motors Ltd, which is currently the supplier of this company, Biswak, BitShoot, and Liswit, Stick noodles, packaged whole spices and bottled beverages are local to the water Jalajagulira taken from, they are all its own industrial park has been established.

There are many other consumer products in the company’s pipeline that will be released in the very near future. It strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the essence of quality and food safety policies. It is dedicated to producing quality wheat products (e.g., Atta, Maida and Suzi), which are safe and secure for our customers and end users in a germ-free and dust-free environment.

Head office contact:
Nasir Trade Center Nasir Trade Center,
89 Bir Uttam, CR Dutt Road. 120aka 1205.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +01980002134

8. Fu-Wang Foods Ltd.

Fu-Wong Foods Limited is a public limited company, integrated with joint stock companies and the firm Bangladesh is publicly listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited Fu Wang Foods Ltd. started commercial production in August 1997 and achieved the ISO-12 certification.

By doing Since the inauguration of hold on February 04, 1998, Fu-Wang Foods Ltd. has been trying to keep the best quality of its products since its inception, it has been offering various pack food items such as biscuits, instant noodles, cakes, bread, wafer bars, toast, chocolate, beverages. Presents water, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, etc. and are being acclaimed all over the world.

Head Office Contact Address:
Fu-Wang Foods Ltd.
Home: 55, Road: 17
Banani C / A, Dhaka-1213
Telephone: 58815476, 9887359
Fax: 880-02-9847451
E-mail: [email protected]

9. Ispahani Foods Ltd.

Ispahani Foods Limited (IFL) was established in 1 and is a part of Ispahani Group. We know that Isfahani Group is a pioneer in many respects and has one of the most successful and acclaimed business houses in Bangladesh.

The IFL is the M.M. Ispahani Limited and located at Ispahani Foods Complex in Gazipur, Konabari, Pa. Set with the newest machinery, its food items are neatly weighed, packed, and sealed in a fully computerized process that is overseen by a panel of experts.

Head Office Contact Address:
Alliance Building (3rd Floor)
63 / K, Pragati Sharani, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 02 55048375, +88 01755644002

10. Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd.

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. (BSCL) has been Bangladesh’s leading snack food company since 7 years. BSCL is a name associated with customers for breakfast food in Bangladesh and abroad for more than five decades. Increasingly, it has increased the reputation of customers to meet their needs. In twenty years, BSCL has 28 outlets across the country.

At present, the company is satisfying more than 4 million customers with quality packaged food products in Bangladesh and it is exporting to 20 countries internationally. After seventy-one, Bombay Suites actually expanded its product offerings.

BSCL began producing biscuits, dried cakes, toast and even drinks such as lemon, orange and pineapple squash. It has built many cottage factories throughout Captain Dhaka, Rankin Street, Bonogram and Fakirapool, in the old Dhaka.

Head office Address :
Delta Life Tower (5th floor),
1, Gulshan North C / A, Road # 90, Gulshan-2,
Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.
Phone: 9893800-1, 9896800, 9897100
Fax: 880-2-9893077, 8814780