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The Best and Famous Waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of green and natural beauty. Its natural beauty has many features. Many amazing and exciting features are included with the waterfall. The enchanting waterfalls are among the main features of the country’s natural beauty.Bangladesh is home to both great and small waterfalls. What makes these waterfalls beautiful is the natural beauty of the area surrounding the waterfalls.

The Best and Famous Waterfalls of Bangladesh.

Madhabkunda Waterfall :

Madhabakunda Falls (Bangla: Madhabakunda Falls) is one of the largest and highest waterfalls in Bangladesh. The survey is based on a survey in Madhubkunda Sylhet Division, Moulvibazar, the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. Madhabkund is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. The beautiful waterfall is about 200 feet high.

Madhabakunda is the highest waterfall among all the other waterfalls in Bangladesh. The Madhabkund waterfall is one of the most beautiful and attractive waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is located in Barlekha Upazila of Sylhet Division, Moulvibazar District. Picnic parties and day trips attract many travelers to the large rocks, surrounding forests and adjacent streams.

Madhabakunda Falls Main Falls Water is one of the catching waterfalls and highest waterfall in Bangladesh. The height of the Madhabakunda waterfall is 1 meter or 20 feet. Madhabakunda Falls is the tourist destination of the country. You can see Madhabakunda by road from Sylhet or Moulvibazar. Admission tickets are priced at only 10 ticks per person.

The Best Waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Himchori Waterfall:

Himchhari Falls is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. It is the only cool waterfall in Bangladesh, which is located in Hemchurytown, Cox’s Bazar. The town is located 12 km from the town of Cox’s Bazar. Driving from the green hills, the glacier waterfall looks amazingly beautiful.

Himchhari height is about 108 feet and it is 12 km south of Cox’s Bazar and 6 km from Kalatali beach. Himachari Falls is famous for its waterfall, though it is reduced to rainy season during winter and it is truly a great and full waterfall.

The Best Waterfalls of Bangladesh.

Ham-Ham Waterfall:

Hum Ham is a waterfall in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. Hum Ham Falls is one of the most interesting tourist spots in Bangladesh. It was discovered in 2010. We know that Hum Ham Falls is a famous and amazing waterfall located in Rajkandi Reserve Forest in the Moulvibazar district. The height of the Hum Ham waterfall is about 147 to 160 feet.

The best time to visit this place is to reach the rainy season of Bangladesh, you have to start your journey from the nearest hotels to the very morning. There are many guides out there these days to help you get there. But make sure you settle your agreement about money with your guide. Your bamboo sticks should be kept as support when passing through a narrow road.

The Famous Waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Shuvolong Falls:

Shubolong Falls is a great waterfall in Bangladesh. The waterfall is located in the Rangamati Highlands. It is seen from the Kaptai lake. The auspicious fountain falls in Barkal Upazila of the Rangamati district. The Shubolong waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh This spring, the transparent water stream creates a wonderful feeling in the hearts of tourists. The only available way to reach the waterfall is through the water.

Shubolong is easily accessible from Rangamati via speed boat or motor boat. The water of the Shuvlong Falls descends to 300 feet high during the monsoon and captivates the tourists. At present, several structures have been prepared by the Upazila administration. The distance from Rangamati to Shubhalong is only 25 km.

The striking beauty of Rangamati can be seen while hiking on the hills. The hills, the sharks, the huge blue skies, the ordinary lives of the indigenous people here will give you the puzzle. Everywhere you look here, only the mountains and the water of the Kaptai lake will be visible. It can easily be said that the natural beauty of the waterfall draws you here.

The Famous Waterfalls of Bangladesh.

Nafa-khum Waterfall:

Nafa-Khum (Bangla: Nafakhum) is a waterfall situated on the banks of the Sangu River. The climate is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bandarban, Bangladesh. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the country due to water shortages. The waterfall is located in a remote area of ​​Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban district, three hours’ walk away from Remakri.

The wild mountain river Sangu suddenly descends about 25-30 feet here. The word “Khum” in the Marama language means “waterfall”. A certain type of flying fish, whose local name is Nott, is found in a small cave at the bottom when they can swim against the currents but cannot jump at the height of the falls afa nafa-khum is very popular as a tourist hub.

The Most Popular Waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Shitakundo Falls :

Bangladesh is an enjoyable country with natural beauty. There are many amazing tourist spots in Bangladesh, especially the main attractions of waterfalls, fountains, hills and green dense forests. The Shetakundo Falls is a mini waterfall on the Shitalakundo Hills in the Chittagong district of Bangladesh. However, this mini waterfall is considered as the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh.

The Most Popular Waterfalls of Bangladesh.

Jadipai Waterfall:

Jadipai Falls (Bangla: জাদিপাই ঝরনা) is one of the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh. The climate is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bandarban, Bangladesh. Jadipai Falls is truly a great place to visit. The flow of Jadipai fall becomes stronger during the monsoon. The water this fall is so cool and crystal clear.

The Jadipai waterfall is located in Ruma Upazila of the Bandarban district of Bangladesh. Jadipai is one of the most interesting  tourist spots in Bangladesh. It is about 2 hours walking distance from the Keokaradong peak. The way is perfectly zigzag and some places are downhill. Travelers along this line will cross the “Passing Path” and “Jadi Para”.

The last 30 minutes of this journey is truly risky. After all, when the travelers reach Jadipai Falls, he will forget all the misery because the natural magnificence of the Jadipai Falls is truly fascinating and appealing.

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Bangladesh.

Khoiyachora waterfall:

Khoiyachora Falls is one of the most beautiful in the world. You cannot experience the depths of creation unless you observe the amazing and unique 7 to 11 steps of the waterfall-like Khoichora Falls. Khoyachora Falls is a hill waterfall located in the Mersarai Hills of Bangladesh.

Khoiyachora is undoubtedly the largest fountain in Bangladesh till now, with its structural shape, size, and design. The waterfall and its corridor are one of the largest. The waterfall consists of a total of nine major waterfalls (cascades) and several isolated steps. The Khoyichara Falls is named after the Khoyichara Union fountain in Mirsarai Upazila,

Khoiyachora is said that the Khiaichara Falls flowed about 50 years ago. It took time to discover its location for massless mountainous terrain and bush. Again, many people believe that this fountain was created almost 50 years ago due to mountainous evolution, before which there was no waterfall.

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Bangladesh.

Baklai Waterfall :

Baklai Falls (বাকলাই ঝরনা) is probably the longest waterfall in Bangladesh. Its height is about 380 feet. The climate is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bandarban, Bangladesh. It is located at Baklai Para in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban.

Baklai is located near the village of Baklai, a village deep in the Bandarban Hills. The Baklai waterfall is great and is the highest waterfall in Bangladesh. The waterfall is accessible from both Thanchi and Ruma.

Beautiful Waterfalls in Bangladesh.