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The Best Famous Sea Port in Bangladesh.

The Best Famous Sea Port of Bangladesh.

OurBangladesh is a river base counrty in South Asia with a 580 km (360 mi) coastline on of the northern beach of the Bay of Bengal. The Ganges delta plane (Padma), the Brahmaputra (Jamuna), and the Meghna river and their tributaries occupy 79% of the country.

The seaport refers to the loading and unloading of goods for shipments and anchors for passenger transport and for the transportation of goods. Since 80% of the world’s people live within 100 miles of coastline, seaports have emerged as economically important places for people from countries of writing.

This describe why seaports and ocean cities developed along the coastal belt since ancient times. Bangladesh is bounded by West Bengal State on the west, Assam State on the north, Tripura State on the east and Bay of Bengal on the south. The three seaports of Bangladesh are Chittagong, Pira and Mongla.

The Best Most Famous Sea Port in Bangladesh.

The Chittagong Sea Port:

Chittagong Seaport (Bangla: চট্টগ্রাম বন্দর) is the main seaport of Bangladesh located in the city of Chittagong, southeast Bangladesh. It is situated at the mouth of the Karnaphuli river. Chittagong port is the largest sea port in Bangladesh. The  Republic of Bangladesh head  port is Chittagong port.

The Seaport is detected  on the just bank of the Karnaphuli River, about 9 maritime miles off the coast of the Bay of Bengal. According to Lloyd, it is ranked as the world’s 5th busiest port in 2017.

Chittagong Seaport is located in the port city of Chittagong and on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, Chittagong port operates 90% of Bangladesh’s export-import business and is used for India, Nepal and Bhutan transshipment.

The Famous Sea Port in Bangladesh.

Chittagong port is situated on the banks of the Karnaphuli and the activities of the ports depend on the tide of the river. The Karnaphuli channel is 9.5 nautical miles long and 500 meters wide. The vessels can sail 300 meters in width, 9.2 meters deep, and ships up to 188m long can operate through this channel. The history of the Chittagong port is very ancient. In his itinerary, IBN Batuta mentioned the existence of the port.

It has been officially operational since 1887. 1910, It became a full-fledged port of four jetties carrying 40 million tonnes of cargo in 4 years. There are now 16 jets in Chittagong port. There are six common cargo berths and four container berths. This port is now owned and operated by the 1976 Ordinance. The handling of containers at Chittagong Port began in 1978.

Recently, the amount of product handling through the container is increasing day by day. 2,67,18,834 metric tons of cargo were imported and ৩ port, 37,63,747 Metric tons were exported via Chittagong port. Modern technology has been introduced to handle cargo in containers.

The Famous Sea Port of Bangladesh.

Prior to 2006, no modern ship could land at this port except for the gear ship (with its own crane) because of the inadequacy of the jetting mechanism for loading and unloading. In 2007, four modern gantry cranes and rubber exhausted gantries (RTGs) were installed. Various development projects have been undertaken to improve the effectiveness of the port of Chittagong.

These are the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the construction project of Inland Container Terminal (ICT) in Pangaon, Narayanganj, construction of the No.4 and No.5 jet berths of the New Mooring Container Terminal, Introduction Personal Management and Information System (PMIS). Capital Dredging Project

In inclusion, there are eight short-term and five interim ongoing projects. The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has five long-term recent projects. Projects cover earthing container terminal (KCT), Patenga container terminal (PCT), construction of a modern container terminal at the end of No-7 channel and construction of a truck terminal on the port access road.

The Best Most Famous Sea Port of Bangladesh.

The Mongla Sea Port:

Mongla Port is the second engaged in the seaport in Bangladesh. Due to the increasing traffic in Chittagong, Bangladesh’s largest port, many international shipping companies have turned to Mongolia as an alternative. Mongla is the gateway to travel to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Sundarbans for tourist ships and the city of Mosque in Bagerhat.

The port is arrange by the Mongla Export Processing Zone (Mongla EPZ). Mongla Seaport is Bangladesh’s second most eco-friendly port and second sea port. It was established in the 5th, about 5 km south of Khulna and 70 nautical miles from the Bay of Bengal at Mongla on the banks of the Pashtun river. 200 meters long and 7 meters ships can sail here.

The administration of Bangladesh has been proceeds special care for the development of port facilities since the 21st. Meanwhile, the Rupsha bridge connecting the National Road and Khulna city has been opened for transport. different development the estimate has been undertaken for the development of automated lighthouses, the latest telecommunications centers, road transport infrastructure, multipurpose jetties, ICDs, dredging, river channels, and anchorage enhancement facilities.

around 40% of the food, plant food, and other byproduct are imported through this port. Within 20 years, an agreement has been signed with a foreign company for the overall development of the port. There will also be a railway line between the port and Dhaka over the planned Padma bridge in the future.

Sea Port in Bangladesh.

The government is demanding to make possible transit to the ports of traders from India, Nepal, and Bhutan. The cost of handling freight and the port of Mongla is lower than that of Chittagong, Mumbai, and Singapore. In order to operate goods in the port of Mongla, the ships do not have to stay in outer anchorage for long. The advantage of loading and unloading products from the sides of the ship is available in the outer anchorage.

If the lighter facilities are qualified, users of Mongla Port will enjoy more freedom. Necessary facilities such as mechanical equipment, transit sheds, warehouses, and container yards are available for the management and storage of goods and containers at Mongla Port. The port of Mongla is capable of operating and operating 33 ships simultaneously.

once more, 35 ships can join, depart, and accept anchor assistance at mooring sites. The port can deliver up to 1.5 million metric tons a year. Continuous dredging of channels and increasing navigational facilities for shipping are two urgent requirements for port users.

The Best Sea Port in Bangladesh.

The Payra seaport:

Considering the enormous economic benefits this port will bring to the country, the Guava Seaport is one of the mega projects this government has undertaken. The port will help us connect more quickly to other parts of the world as it will help maternal vessels to stay there.

The port will make stronger our financial system and help us achieve the status of a developed country by 20. Pira port is a small seaport of southern Bangladesh. It was established by an Act of Parliament on the 21st. The port was officially inaugurated on the 2016.

Pira port is detected on the Ramanabad channel near the Bay of Bengal. The port was set up in the coastal Barisal Division demanding port. Bangladeshi officials have said that a deepwater port has been planned in the region that will serve southern Bangladesh as well as neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan.

Sea Port of Bangladesh.

The Pira Seaport in Patuakhali will be launched in limited form from December. Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal told reporters after the meeting of the ECNEC chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, “Apart from the deep seaport in Matarabari, there will be another one built in Pyara,” the government plans.

At a meeting of the administrative Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec), a project of Taka 1,122 crore has been approved for the development of primary infrastructure and facilities for mobilization of pigeon ports. Kamal added that there will be no deep seaport in Sonadia. According to the Ministry of Planning, ten countries want to invest a total of $ 1.5 billion in various components of the deep-sea project.

India, China, and a few other Middle Eastern and European countries want to invest in the project, a ministry official has asked not to be named. The Pira Port Authority informed the ECNEC meeting that the countries had already submitted their investment proposals.

 Sea Port.

If these proposals were adopted, the government would have to invest only $ 400 million in the deep seaport, the official told the Daily Star. It will be the third seaport in the country once operated. The other two are Chittagong Port and Mongla Port. After considering Cox’s Bazar’s concept of building the port at Sonadia for a few years, the government turned into a drink in 2013.

The Prime Minister launched  the Pira deep seaport site on November 9, 2013, and development work began shortly thereafter. Earlier in the same month, the Parliament implemented the Pigeon Port Authority Act. Initially, the port will handle the loading and unloading of cereals, fertilizers, and cement “” Complete port operations in Piraea beginning in 2023.

And then there will be the measurements to hold 75,000 containers, “said Kamal, referring to the concept of only 1500 containers in Chittagong port.” Thus, the cost of operating the cargo will be reduced by one third.

while suggest by the project, the government is studying the guava port in its own financing to boost Bangladesh’s international trade as Chittagong and Mongla ports are struggling to cope with the increasing volume of exports and imports.

The Best  Sea Port of Bangladesh.