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Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of many natural resources and beauty. Today’s young stars feel that there is more imminent potential. The country has been growing as a new Asian tiger in recent years with continued economic growth. The young stars have come up with some great ideas for developing social life and economic challenges in Bangladesh.

These young stars are focused, committed, and determined in their thinking. Here are the top 5 young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs working for the pride of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh:

1. Raisul Kabir:

A man by the name of Raisul Kabir is very talented in his field, one of the most famous and noted entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. After completing his graduation from BUET in the EU, he finished his MBA from EWU. He founded ‘Brain Station 23’ right after graduating in 2006. “Brain Station 23” is not Raisul Kabir’s first scheme. When he was a student at 25, he started his first company, ‘Paradigm NeoMedia’, a renowned web design company.

It is currently one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh and has become a global name across the Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Israel, USA and all countries of the Middle East. “Brain Station 23” has won awards in the top ten software outsourcing companies of Bangladesh in 23, 23 and 26. He was also the founder of Biponi, an e-commerce company found in 27 years. In 2015 for an undisclosed amount to Zero Gravity.

2. Habib Ullah Bahar:

Habibullah Bahar is one of the most renowned businessmen of Bangladesh. We know that the entrepreneur goes through his blood. His first idea was the Pragmatic Developer Network, which he founded after completing his graduation. Its Group has developed more than 20 Android apps for Samsung as a core group application or as a free provincial add-on. But his organization did not survive.

He was one of the co-founders of Six Degree Communications, which assigned the first locally produced tablet to Bangladesh. However, that business venture also failed. Nevertheless, he kept trying his luck. Now co-founder of Bahar Field Bouse, a software development company. It develops software for different organizations to handle their remote or single functions. Currently Field Lightning is recognized as the fastest growing company in the data analytics space in Bangladesh.

3. Md. Atiqur Rahman Sarker:

Atiqur Rahman Sarkar commenced filament engineering to design durable regional electronics brand and create employment convenience. Atiqur Rahman comments, ‘Every challenge is a learning opportunity.’ Coming from a remote village in Comilla to see how difficult life can be. He is currently one of the founders of Filament, the branded amiopa.

The company got 20. Since its inception, ‘Muppana’ is a local distributor of various electronic products, biomedical equipment. In the 21st, the production and assembly of various solar system equipment such as battery chargers, solar charge controllers, inverters, solar street light controllers, LED lights, clean custodes etc. began.

4. Khobaib Chowdhury:

Khobib Chowdhury is one of the most famous and wonderful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He was a BUET graduate student and early career as a freelancer Android application developer. He also worked for a few years in Samsung Bangladesh.

His most successful project is in the fashion industry known as the ‘Stylen Collection’. It is recognized as one of the fastest growing lifestyle stages in Bangladesh. Bangladesh was first introduced in Malaysia to attend the Magic Accelerator Program in Malaysia.

5. Md. Waliullah Bhuiyan:

The founder of the Light of Hope. Waliullah Bhuiyan. He completed his graduation from the Islamic University of Technology in the EEA. As a social initiative aimed at improving the education of children, ASHA was established in 27 years. He has more than eight years of experience working in the development sector including education, renewable energy, water, climate change, sanitation.

His company works directly with primary schools to make education interesting, interesting and enjoyable for children through their advanced services.

6. Hussain M Elius:

Hussein M. Ellis is a renowned entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He is the co-founder and CEO of Pathanao, a technology-based platform. Pathans have also been built to solve the country’s biggest infrastructure problem. Now pathos are also one of the fastest growing technologies in transportation.

She learned the code when she was studying in Class 1 and started freelancing while in high school. He started a UI / UX firm while at university and he started UI outsourcing and consulting. At 27, he found Pathana in the company along with his friend Shifat Adnan and three delivery agents.

7. Ayman Sadiq:

Ayman Sadiq is a popular celebrity and online celebrity in Bangladesh, well known throughout the country for his 5 minute school. She is a rising star in the country, who has already attracted a lot of media and government attention for her non-profit work. Mr Ayman, who graduated from Dhaka University IBA; A 3-minute school has been established. We know that a 5 minute school is an educational platform.

He is a highly respected personality among young people of Bangladesh. On the other hand, he worked as a mentor teacher before starting this company. His teaching career could be one of the motivations behind starting a 5-minute school. It is recognized as the largest online education platform in Bangladesh. It gives students the opportunity to learn tutorials, practice follow-up exams, monitor their progress and evaluate it with others.

8. Adnan Imtiaz Halim:

Adnan Imtiaz Halim is one of the most famous and wonderful entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He is the creator of Saba. Jeez, which is an on-demand home and office service. It offers its clients different products and services according to their needs. Imtiaz had a long career before Sabah was founded.

After completing his graduation from the job, he worked at Grameenphone, Nokia, LM Ericsson. His first business venture was, which he co-founded. was a famous online shopping store for personal computer hardware and software.

9. Shams Jaber:

Shams Job is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur who is the founder of Technology Academy (formerly The Tech School). We know that the Technology Academy is the first and only institution in Bangladesh to educate engineering children. It also works as a technology company. Dropout Boy Shams Job is now the creator of one of Dhaka’s fastest-growing startups.

Shams founded the Job Academy of Technology, which contributed to the transformation of technology education in Dhaka. It is a social enterprise that teaches children about technology. The Academy encourages school-age children to teach programming, engineering and math. It designs its lectures in an interactive manner so that kids start working on a scheme immediately after the 5th lesson.

10. Minhaj Chowdhury:

Minhaj Chowdhury is CEO and co-founder of Drillway. We know that Drinkwell is a social enterprise to solve arsenic water crisis by combining fancy water purification technology with a micro-franchise business model. As a Bangladeshi-American, Minhaj is keen to resolve a crisis that results in the death of one in every five people in Bangladesh.

In 2002, he got the Drink Well Enterprise. Prior to founding Drink Well, he was the founding director of the Clean Water for Peace project for three years. It is clear to us that Drywall is a social enterprise that transforms arsenic risk in Bangladesh into a customer opportunity through a small franchise business model. It currently has more than 200 operating systems in 5 countries. He is Forbes 3 Under 25. Joined in