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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh.

Here we will update the best pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Top 10 BD Pharma Name. Pharmaceutical companies are the most important companies of any country. They are drug providers. So they have to be careful in their work. There are many pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Now, the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh will be discussed. We have made a list based on sales, company resources and the quality of their products.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh.

1. Square Pharmaceutical Ltd:

Square is a symbol of a name today – a state of mind, but its growth, the journey towards prosperity is not a bed of roses. It has become one of the most popular lines in Bangladesh today. Square Pharmaceutical, the bellwether group, has held a very  energetic leadership position in the pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh for 7 years.

Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh.

2. Beximco Pharmaceutical Ltd:

Beximco Pharmaceutical Ltd. is an emerging generic drug player, committed to providing access to affordable drugs. Art manufacturing facilities companies have been approved by regulatory authorities in the United States, Australia, the European Union, Canada and Brazil.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh.

3. Eskayef Bangladesh Limited:

Eskayef Bangladesh Limited, a world-class healthcare provider, is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. ISKAEF Bangladesh Limited is engaged in the production and marketing of extensive therapeutic drugs, bulk drugs, and nutritional products, with annual sales exceeding the US $ 60 million. Corporate Office Location: Gulshan Tower, Plot

4. Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd:

Incepta Pharmaceutical Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. The company, based in Savar and Dharma, has a very large manufacturing facility, which manufactures various dosage forms including tablets, capsules, oral fluids, ampules, ointments, injections, etc.

5. RENATA Ltd:

One of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of Bangladesh Companie Renata Limited, Plot No.1, Milk Vita Road, Division No-7, Mirpur, Dhaka Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh, GPO Box No-303, Phone Number: (+ 880-2) 8011012, 8011013, Fax: (880-2) 8011956, Email: [email protected], Website:

6. Sanofi Bangladesh Ltd:

Sanofi has its essence power in healthcare, counting seven advancement platforms, diabetes explanation, human vaccines, innovative drugs, consumer healthcare, emerging markets, animal health, and new enzymes. Sanofi, a universal combined healthcare head, is a concentrate patient who must be committed in the research, advancement, production, and marketing of contemporary therapeutic solutions.

7. Nuvista Pharma Ltd:

Novista Pharma Limited has been working in Bangladesh for 1964 years, Organon (Bangladesh), which is a subsidiary of Organ Noble’s human health care business in the Netherlands, Organon International.

8. Opsonin Pharma Ltd:

Opsonin Pharma Limited develops, manufactures and markets generic drugs for human consumption. Opsin Pharma Limited’s price-joined products develop the lives of people in Bangladesh as well as in foreign lands and help them enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives.

9. Popular Pharmaceutical Ltd:

Popular Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of human insulin, a company of the Popular Group. Popular Pharmaceutical Limited is the leading corporate house in the private sector for healthcare management in the country.

10. Aristo Pharma Ltd:

Aristo Pharma Limited is one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. The company began its journey in 1986 with an honest promise of providing quality medicines at affordable prices.
All of these are the most famous and popular pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh.