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Top Ten Writer in Bangladesh.

Top ten writers in Bangladesh We are proud as Bengali because we have many special people who spread their light all over the world. Above all, the names of poets are a very important part of us. They fill our culture. They live in our hearts through their writing. Here is a list of all the authors’ birthdays, birthdays, lists of their famous books, short biographies.

There are many famous writers in Bangla literature. Here we have made a list of the best 5 of the best of which only the nationality of Bangladesh. Besides this list we have many famous and popular writers in Bangladesh. According to the top ten listings, so we tried to list the best writers. Check out the list below.

Top 10 Writer in Bangladesh now.

1.Jahanara Imam:

Jahanara Imam was a writer and political activist of Bangladesh. He was known as ‘martyr’s mother’ (mother of martyr). He was born to an advanced Muslim family on May 3, 1929 in West Bengal (British India) and died on June 26, 1994. He graduated from Calcutta University in 1947. He was a lecturer at Teacher Training College, Dhaka. She spends most of her life preparing for full-time teaching. After the independence of Bangladesh, he started his life.

His wartime diary, ‘Actor Dingley’ was his well-known book. This book receives a seminal event in the history of Bangladesh. He contributed greatly to the independence of Bangladesh. He is known for bringing out war criminals in the war of liberation. He was honored with ‘Bangla Academy Award’ as well as ‘posthumous freedom award’.

Best writer All Time.

2. Begum Rokeya (1880 –1932) :

Begum Rokeya is one of the best Bengali writers. He wrote science fiction, novels, poems, essays, short stories, seventies, treatises. Begum Rokeya is not only a poet but also a fighter for women’s education.

3. Jasim Uddin (1903-1976) :

He is known in our rural poetry. He was born on January 3, 1903. His most famous works are Sukhiani, Nakshi Kantha’s Mat, Sojan Badia Ghat, Baluchor, Idea Kankana, novel dumb stories.

4. Mir Mosharraf Hossain (1847-1912) :

Mr. Mosharraf Hossain has written some wonderful novels, poems and plays. He was in 1847. Among his many works are notable Ratnavati, Late Indus, Jamdar Darpan, Bosontokumari Drama, Gorai Bridge or Gori Bridge, Ghazi Miyar Bostani.

5. Humayun Ahmed (1948-2012) :

He is a very talented writer in Bangladesh. After 100 years living in the hearts of the people of Bangladesh through their own creation. His most popular works are Nanddito Nork, Shakhoil Prison, Srivindramaghar Din, Agar Poroshmoni, Badawal Dining I Kodam Flowers, AJ Dushdh Tomar Lowtran, Hemu, Mishir Ali, etc.

6. Shamsur Rahman (1929-2006):

He is a journalist, poet, essayist. He was born in Rishi. Thereare,He has been a few work, Rudrado Court, Matiyal Wheel, Natoreb Dushotta, Baby Durboya Uzar Message, and Alo Kokil Asho Shanchampa, Rapper Prabol Dodal Shodha, etc.

7. Humayun Azad (1947-2004):

He is a writer, literary and scholar of Bangladesh. He was born on 27 April 1987. His most popular works are poetry Alokiki Ishtisar, Shobu Kichu Noshoda’s Ohita Zaye, Parnaba Kichu Naye, Kalpnizhar, Shab Kichu Broke Lomkup, Manu Hisht Amar Oddhashmuho, Uponishishogroho-Duba, etc.

8. Anisul Hoque (born March 4, 1965):

He is a famous author of Bangladesh. His most popular poem, Ami Achi Amar Adele, Jalong Padhaya, Asanal’s brother-in-law, Achchha Baro’s dream of watching the sky, Tumke na Paula Kamita. In the novel Dhukhapri Shukhpari, Amar Ekta is suffering, Nandini.

9. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal (23 December 1952):

He is one of the most talented literary writers of Bangladesh. His book is Mohkadashe Mohradadi, Aron, Anish Dev, Ashapurala Devi etc.

10. Al Mahmud (1936) :

He is a storyteller, novelist, poet. He was born in the village of Morelil in Brahmanbaria district. His notable work is Ekroti Pahee Leje Zohola, Bokhatiyara’s enclosure, the love archetype draw AR Araparthwa Kota, Dinjadon, nor Konio Shunota Mani.