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The Best Populer Public College in Banladesh.

RAJUK Uttara Model College :

RAJUK Uttara Model College (RUMC) (Bangla: RAJUK Monora Model College) A co-educational Bangladeshi Secondary School (Grade VI-XII), located in Uttara, Dhaka, about one km north of Shahjalal International Airport. The school teaches Bangla and English medium students under the national curriculum. Students are enrolled in the institution in sixth, ninth and eleventh grades.

The school has about 6000 students and employs more than 20 teacher staff and more than 100 staff. Rajukutara Model College was established on 7th April. The functioning of the college started with the order of the Ministry of Bangladesh. For the first time since its inception, the college started with a multi-storeyed building and fourteen teachers. Now it is the best college in Bangladesh.

The school is under the control of an autonomous Board of Governors, headed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education. Although the school started with just one shift (Morning Shift), later in 2003 a day shift was introduced to combat the growing number of students. The schedule is from 7:45 am to 12:30 pm with morning shift and 12:45 pm. The schedule is shifted to 5:30 pm.

Cantonment Public School & College:

Usually cantonment public colleges are run by the Bangladesh Army. Rangpur Cantonment Public College is no different. Since its founding in 1978, this college has served educational opportunities with great enthusiasm. Now it is the best college in the whole of the country as well as the northern part of Bangladesh. The organization was organized to educate children of cantonment officers and local elites.

School Department কলেজ The college department was started in 1977, the college department in 1 and the degree level in the 7th. English medium section was started in the 5th. It was later renamed as ‘The Millennium Stars’ as a separate organization and continued to operate until October 25 under the same supervision. When a new principal was appointed and a separate steering committee was formed.

The company started working in kindergarten from nursery to ।ery৮. Subsequently, it was extended to tenth grade in Year 8 and students took the first SSC exam of 12.

Rajshahi College:

Rajshahi College (Bangla: Rajshahi Raj RajshahiKalalej) is the third oldest institution of higher education in Bangladesh. It is one of the best colleges in the Rajshahi division as well as Dhaka Dhaka College and Chittagong College, established in 773 in Rajshahi city. It is the third oldest college in Bangladesh. In 1895, Rajshahi College was the first institution in the territories comprising Bangladesh, which received a bachelor’s (bachelor’s) degree.

Rajshahi College offers three-year undergraduate and four-year honors degree courses in various disciplines. The college is affiliated with the National University. ১৯৯ Since 1996, it has stopped enrolling high school students. In 25 it again started enrolling high school students. In the city center, Rajshahi College is adjacent to Rajshahi Collegiate School and very close to the famous Barendra Museum.

Adamjee Cantonment College:

Adamjee Cantonment College is an educational institution located in Dhaka city, Dhaka. It runs the army. The college was initially started as a school on February 7, February 1, 2015. Adamaji Cantonment College (ACC) is located in Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka. It was initially run by the Bangladesh Army officers for higher secondary level education for the children of the army members in Dhaka Cantonment. It was awarded the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSS) in the Secondary Dhaka Division on the 21st

This college is thriving in its club activities. It is under the supervision of the director of Bangladesh Army Education Corporation. The ACC was founded by a fancy industrialist, Gul Muhammad Adamjee. Its Chairman of the Board of Directors is Brigadier General Md Shamsur Rahman, NDC, PSC. Brigadier General Hafizur Rahman, AFW, is the current Principal of PSC College.

Viqarunnisa Noon School and College:

It is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh for girls. Vikarunnisa Noon School and College (Bangla: Vhununnisaun College and College) is a girl’s high school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has 25,000 students on four campuses in the city. It was named after Lady Noon, Vicarunnisa Noon. The school started as Ramna Preparatory School in 3in.

He was fascinated when Begum Vikar Una Nisa, the Austrian Pakistani social worker, visited Nun, the wife of the then governor of East Pakistan, Feroz Khan Nun. With his help the school was relocated to its current Bailey Road, where it was named. In his honor It soon expanded to a high school and prepared students for the Senior Cambridge Examination in ১৯৫. In 1978, it started a college department with a high school course.

Notre Dame college Dhaka:

Notre Dame College (NDC) (Bangla: Notre Dameklage) is a Catholic high school as well as a degree college affiliated to a national university. It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This organization is run by the Holy Cross, a congregation of priests. The college also offers a three-year degree program, a bachelor’s (BA pass course) and a three-year Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS pass course). The company celebrated its 60th anniversary in 23 years.

Notre Dame College was first established in November 1949 in the Lakshmibazar of Old Lax, “St. Gregory College”. In 1-4, the organization moved from the initial location of the name to Arambagh, Motijheel with the present name – “Notre Dame”, referring to Mary or Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Due to a crisis in the education of a newly born East Pakistan, it was established by a meeting of the Holy Cross Congregation of the Roman Catholic priests. It was known as St. Gregory College, an extension of St. Gregory’s School, which was founded by the Mission. It was moved to its present location in Motijheel in 4 and was renamed Notre Dame College.

The new name was paid tribute to the University of Notre Dame, the alma mater of many faculty members. Each year, Notre Dame College employs approximately 2100 students of science, 400 students from the humanities department and 750 students from the Business Studies Group through the country’s most competitive college admissions process.

Dhaka City College:

The Dhaka City College (DCC) is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh. It is located on the Kudrat-e-Khuda Road in Dhaka city, Dhanmondi. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Major and HSCs. The college is affiliated with the National University. Dhaka City College was established in 177 under the patronage of academics and social workers. The college’s classes are held at West End High School and then at Dhaka College. ১৯ In 1970, the college shifted to Dhanmondi Road 2 in its own premises.

Among those who contributed to the establishment of the organization are former Prime Minister Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman and Ataur Rahman Khan. Khan Alam Khan, former chairman of the governing body, provided financial support for the development of college buildings while being the Divisional Commissioner of Eyaka. The principal of the college is Mr. Shahjahan Khan. He joined this college as a lecturer in accounting. Chairman of the Steering Committee Syed Modasir Ali.

Dhaka College:

Dhaka College is one of the leading and traditional Tahitian educational institutes in Bangladesh. It is located in the heart of Dhaka City. Since 1992, this college under National University, Dhaka, Dhaka, affiliated to Dhaka University (Bangla: Dhaka Division) is a public college college in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers Higher Secondary Education (HSC). It has undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs as well as any department affiliated to the University of Dhaka.

In addition to the oldest high-school educational institutions, Dhaka’s College is one of the most important in Bangladesh. It was founded in July 1835 by James Taylor (Civil Surgeon of Dhaka) as an English Seminary School (now Dhaka Collegiate School). Taylor formed a Local Public Instruction Committee with the help of Mr. Grant, the District Magistrate.

The school building was partially built out of public grants on the basis of an English factory. On July 18, 1841, the school received its approval. The foundation stone of the college was laid on 20 November 1841 with the assistance of the Bishop of Calcutta, and in 1846 the buildings were finished. The first graduating class consisted of both Muslim and Hindu students, as well as mostly foreign students from Armenia and Portugal.

The college was relocated to a large building on the east side of Victoria Park in 1873 to accommodate the physics and chemistry labs. In 3, it was moved to Curzon Hall, when the science department was set up in the existing chemistry building of Dhaka University and two new halls were built there.

With the establishment of Dhaka University in 1920, the college was re-transferred to the old High Court building. During World War II, it moved to the Siddiq market in Old Dhaka. Eventually, the college discovered its permanent campus on Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, near Dhaka’s New Market, for six years.

Holy Cross College:

Holy Cross College is a famous educational institution in Bengal. Holy Cross College (HCC) (Bangla: Holcroclase) is a Catholic girls’ high school in Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It serves eighth and twelfth grade students. Augustine Mary of the Holy Cross of the Sisters, founded near Holy Rosary Church in 9, became one of the most renowned educational institutions for the Holy Cross College girls.

Holy Cross College, a name, a living history, a beautiful and colorful tapestry of many lives! Dispose of a loving family, a dynamic tradition! It completed its years০!

It was at that time, after the subcontinent split in 7c, that the Archbishop of CS urged Lawrence L. Garner, CSC, to establish a Girls’ College by the Sisters of the Holy Cross. This magnificent and challenging task was asked by Augustine Marie. On November 9, Holy Cross College officially began its journey to Dhaka, then the capital of East Pakistan.

The college started with 5 students and now it has about 2500 students. There are currently 47 teachers in the faculty. At its inauguration, it started with the Humanities Group. Later, the science group was added, and very recently, the Business Studies Group was opened on the 21st. In the last ten years, a six-story building with a beautiful auditorium was built.