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The Popular International Airports in Bangladesh.

The Popular International Airports of Bangladesh.

An international airport is an airport that provides tariffs and immigration benefits for travelers traveling within the country. International airports are generally larger than domestic airports and have longer runways and facilities for heavy airlines, commonly used for international and intercontinental travel.

Bangladesh, properly the public’s democratic state of Bangladesh, is one of the Very most Beautiful country in South Asia. It is bordered on the south by Myanmar (Burma) in the southeast and India on the south, with a small border with the Bay of Bengal in the south. Its capital and largest city is Dhaka. Bangladesh has 3 international airports, 6 domestic airports and 6 stalls (short take-off and landing) ports, of which 1 is under construction.

It also has several airstrikes, some built during World War II. every airports are regulated and managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. Most of these are used by the Bangladesh Armed Forces for military and training purposes.

The Best Popular International Airports in Bangladesh.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport:

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, (Bangla: Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is one of the  most biggest and most outstanding global airport in Bangladesh now. Hazrat Shahjalal global Airport is the biggest international Biman Bondor in Bangladesh recent, already
well-known as Zia International Airport and Dhacca International Airport globally.

The airport has DAC as IATA code and VGHS as ICAO code. It is located in Kurmitol, 5 miles (4 kilometers) north of Dhaka, and is part of the BAF Bangabandhu base used by the Bangladesh Air Force. The area of ​​the airport is 1,981 acres (802 hectares). The governmental navigation Authority of Bangladesh “CAAB” promotes and maintains the airport.

The Best Popular International Airports of Bangladesh.

Location And Access:

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Bangladesh. The airport is located 3 nm (20 km; 3 mi) north of Dhaka, Kurmitol. It is accessible via eight-lane airport road. The airport is located north of Uttara and Gazipur, while Dhaka is south of Dhaka city. Immediately opposite the airport is a railway station called the Airport Railway Station.

The closest hotel to Dhaka is the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dhaka, the Le Meridien Hotel in the nearest location, and the Reka Regency Hotel. The best Western hotel was launched at the end of the 21st. The airport has become almost entrenched due to expansion and development work by real estate companies and the government, with authorities considering moving the airport elsewhere.

The Best International Airports in Bangladesh.

History of Airport:

In World War II, the British government built a landing strip in Kurmitol, a few kilometers north of Tejgaon, as an additional landing strip for Tejgaon Airport, which was once a military airport for warfare. Kohima (Assam) and the field of the Burmese war theater.

After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Tejgaon Airport was the first civilian airport in present-day East Pakistan. ১৯ In 1966, the then government of Pakistan adopted a project to construct a new airport and the present site was chosen north of Kurmitola. A tender was given for the construction of terminal buildings and runways with the technical assistance of French experts.

A railway station (the present airport railway station) was also built near the site for transporting construction materials. However, after the liberation war of Bangladesh started in 1971, the new skyline was cut in half. The skies suffered severe damage during the war.

After independence, the government of Bangladesh resumed work abandoned by previous contractors and consultants during the war. The government has decided to make the airport the country’s premier international airport and has appointed France’s Aeroports de Paris as its new consultant.instituted catching over from Tejgaon Airport in Nineteen Hundred Eighty as the Head international Airport in the This country, already well-known as Cauca International Airport and later Zia International Airport, similar to Shah Jalal.

“DAC” is the airport’s IATA code derived from “acaka”, a spelling previously used for “dacca”. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is the primary center of national flag carrier Bangladesh Airlines. Also, it is the centerpiece of most of the private airlines in Bangladesh including Regent Airways, Novor and US-Bangla Airlines.

The each year traveler space of the airport is 18.5 million travelers and this passenger administration space is anticipated to be sufficient by 2026 CAAB operates 9.1 million passengers and 248,000 tonnes of cargo in 2014. On average, there are about 190 flights per day. Ground handling at the airport provided aircraft ground handling, a wholly owned subsidiary of the national flag carrier Bangladesh Airlines.

The Best International Airports of Bangladesh.

Terminals of Airport:

The airport has three major terminals, T1 and T2 for international flights, and a third terminal (also known as a domestic terminal) for domestic airlines. In T1 and T2, the lower floor is used as the arriving hall, and the upper floor serves as the exit hall. Both the arrivals hall and the departure hall are on the same floor of the domestic terminal. This VIP Terminal is Established about Two Hundred meters from the main gate and is only used Generally. The 3dr Global Terminal is prepared to be built.

The Famous International Airports in Bangladesh.

Shah Amanat International Airport:

Osmani global Airport is the second biggest  international airport in Chittagong division of  Bangladesh. Shah Amanat International Airport (IATA: CGP, ICAO: VGEG) (Bangla: Shah Amanat International Airport) is an international airport that serves Bangladesh’s southeastern port city of Chittagong. managed and managed by the governmental  aeronautics authorization of Bangladesh, Shah Amanat International Airport  is one of  the second biggest global airport in Bangladesh after Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Air Force uses it as part of the BAF Zahurul Haq Base. It was formerly known as MA Hannan International Airport, by the Awami League politician. A. Hannan was named, but on April 2, April 2, the government of Bangladesh changed its name to Islamic Sadak Shah Deposit. This Airport is able of handling 1.5 million Travalers and six thousand tonnes of cargo annually. The SIA also serves as the base for the Arriong Flying School.

The Famous International Airports of Bangladesh.

Location of Airport:

The airport is located in the city’s main commercial center, GEC Circle, and 20 km (5 mi; 3 nm) west of the city’s railway station, 18 km (5 mi; 3 nm) on the banks of the Karnaphuli river. There are a few hotels or restaurants near the airport; There are numerous hotels and restaurants available in the city.

Top International Airports in Bangladesh.

History of Airport:

The airfield was built under British rule in the early 1940s. Known as the Chittagong Airfield during World War II, it was used as a field of war aircraft, as well as a tenth aviation supply and photographic reconnaissance base for the United States Army Air Forces during the Burmese Expedition 1944-1945.

Top International Airports of Bangladesh.

Known American units assigned to Chittagong were:

The 5th Fighter Group flew P-38 light fighters over Burma from March 9 to February 1, and from October to December 1944 (various detachments) the 4th Combat Cargo Group flew C-46 commandos from January to June 1945.

From the airport, the fourth CCG provided the C-46 46 aircraft and dropped ammunition into the aircraft, leaving the Allies on the ground. At the end of June, control of the airport was restored to local authorities.

It was originally used for connecting Dhaka and Chittagong. However, by the mid-nineties, the airline had started international flights to Bangkok, Dubai and other major Gulf cities and has officially become an international airport.

The International Airports in Bangladesh.

Runway of Airport:

The airport has a single platform(five or twenty three), which is 2,940 m × 45 m (9,646 ft × 148 ft). The largest aircraft that can land is a Boeing 7৪7৪০০. This Global airport has 2 climb on bridges and 2 travaler steps. Parking points are usually empty because most of the aircraft present there are closed soon; Flights from local airlines are usually parked overnight at Shahjalal International Airport.

A small civil plane hanger is available under the aircraft but is rarely used in Bangladesh Bangladesh Military Parking Zone and there are two aircraft hangers before the runway. Bangladesh Air Force supplies a few aircraft here that have direct access to the runway.

The International Airports of Bangladesh.

Osmani International Airport:

Osmani Airport (Bangla: Osmani International Airport) Dhaka is the third largest airport in Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. The airport is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh (CAAB), and the airline is operated by Bangladesh Airlines, a national airline, which at one point earns the most revenue from the airport. Private airlines Novair and US-Bangla Airlines operate domestic airlines in Tokyo.

A large number of passengers using the airport are Bangladeshi expatriate and their descendants of Sylhet division living in the UK.

Airports in Bangladesh.

Location of the airport:

Osmani International Airport is located in Sylhet City. Sylhet is a major city in northeast Bangladesh. It is a major city in the Sylhet division and district and was given the status of a metropolitan city on March 27.

Airports of Bangladesh.

History of the airport:

Osmani International Airport was built during the British rule in the Indian subcontinent, partly to test the Japanese invasion of Burma. The airport was formerly known as Sylhet Civil Airport but was named after General MAG Osmani, Chief of Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 and commander of the Liberation War. The airport was first served by domestic airlines from the country’s national carrier Shahjalal International Airport. Aircraft Bangladesh Airlines.

After years of expatriate living in the United Kingdom, the airport was expanded to enable medium-sized aircraft, such as the used Airbus A310, to operate. The work was completed in October 2002 and the airport was designated by an international airport government.

Anyhow, Osmani International Airport was not of international standard to be able to fully contain international planes due to bountiful defi ciencywith the aircraft landing system and runway lighting system, and the move was seen as a step to stop pressure from the government.  Nevertheless, the airport received its first international arrival on November 7, 2012

From Abu Dhabi, Kuwait’s airline BG-020 landed at 3:40 on its way to Dhaka, with 20 passengers: 0. On the inaugural flight, the passengers were welcomed by the then Finance and Planning Minister M Saifur Rahman and Minister of State for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mir Mohammad Nasiruddin.

The airline also operated direct service from London for a short period of time but was later re-routed via Dhaka. Additional expansion of the runway and the improvement of runway lighting and airport facilities began in 20 to enable wide-body aircraft to land safely. And takeoff from the airpor

International Airports.