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The Best and Famous Tourist Destination in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of green and natural beauty. Its natural beauty has many features. Prior to India in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is a South Asian country, marked with green and many waterways. Its Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna rivers form fertile plains and it is common to travel by boat.

On the south coast, the Sundarbans, a large mangrove forest shared with Eastern India, is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. I am writing here to tell you about some tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

The Best and Famous Tourist Destination of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach:

Cox’s Bazar beach is situated between the Bakkali river and the Bay of Bengal. It is the longest beach in the world. This is a very desirable place where visitors love to bathe in the open air. Cox’s Bazar is a district in the Chatagram division of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar Beach is located about 150 km south of Chittagong. It is the second-largest example of the tourist capital of Bangladesh, which is claimed to be 120 km long as the world’s longest uninterrupted beach. Cox’s beaches are crowded almost throughout the year. This is a good place for a sea bath. Anyone from Dhaka and Chittagong can go on both sides by plane and road.

Cox’s Bazaar is a small town. However, the natural beauty of the city is very attractive. Cox’s Bazaar is the largest beach in the whole world. The sea is a place of joy and refreshment. Every person in this world must go there to spend some time, even if it is only for once in life.

Cox’s Bazaar, one of the tourist destinations in Bangladesh, though it is not yet an international tourist destination.In the 21st, the government of Bangladesh formed a tourist police unit to further protect the local and foreign tourists, as well as to take care of nature and wildlife in the tourist spots of Cox’s Bazar.

The Best Tourist Destination in Bangladesh.

Saint Martin Bangladesh:

Saint Martin’s Island (Bangla: St. Martin’s Island) is one of the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh. St. Martin is a combination of knowledge and an unparalleled leisure center for people of sand, stone and coral biodiversity. Martin (Island) is the only coral island in Bangladesh, a small island northeast of the Bay of St. Martin, about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Peninsula.

Northeast of the Bay of Bengal, a small island (area only 8 km 2) about 9 km south of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Peninsula and forms the southernmost part of Bangladesh. St. Martin’s Island There is a small island adjacent to the high tide, called the Chirpa Island. It is about 8 km (5 miles) west of the Naf river from the northwestern coast of Myanmar.

The Best Tourist Destination of Bangladesh.

Kuakata sea beach:

Kuakata beach, known as the “daughter of the sea”, is a beautiful beach in the southern part of Bangladesh. It is the only beach in South Asia where sunrise and sunset can be seen. Kuakata is the second largest beach in Bangladesh. Sunrise and sunset can be seen from here. There are other attractions like the water museum, adinath temple, meeting point of the three rivers, etc.

Kuakata (Bangla: Kuwaiti) is a city famous for its panoramic beaches. It is the second tourist destination in southeastern Bangladesh and the country. A sandy beach with views of both sunrise and sunset in the Bay of Bengal. Kuakata beach, 5 km (5 mi) long and 3 km (1.5 mi) wide,

Locally known as the Sea Daughter (Daughter of the Sea), it is one of the most beautiful beauty spots in the southern part of the country. The beautiful combination of beautiful natural beauty in Kuakata, the sandy beaches, the blue sky, the vast expanse of bay water and evergreen forests are truly fascinating.

Kuakata is one of the rare places that has the unique beauty of the rise of the Crimson Sun in the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the perfect beauty of presenting a full view of the setting. It probably made Kuakata one of the world’s beaches.

Kuakata is truly a sanctuary for virgin beach-migrating winter birds, a series of coconut trees, the sandy beaches of Blue Bay, the eye feast. Boats touching the hearts of every visitor here are the boats with colorful sails, fishing, high mountains, surfing boats, waves of waves in the Bay of Bengal.

The unique traditions and costumes of the ‘Rakhine’ tribe family and the nearly hundred-year-old Buddhist temple indicate ancient tradition and cultural heritage, which is a great pilgrimage to the Kuakata Hindu and Buddhist community.

The Most Tourist Destination in Bangladesh.

Sundarban Bangladesh:

The world’s largest tidal halophytic mangrove forest is the largest block of the Sundarbans (Bangla: সুন্দরবন). A World Heritage Site and the largest mangrove forest in the world Sundarbans is about 6 km wide mangrove forest mostly located in Bangladesh and one part of India.

The Sundarbans are approximately 10,000 km and are located in the coastal areas between Bangladesh and India. Areas are located on three great rivers, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra, and the Ganges delta. About 000০০০ km in Bangladesh, and the rest in West Bengal India.

Sundarbans are spread in three districts of Bangladesh, Khulna, Bagerhat, and Satkhira. The largest mangrove Sundarbans have three wildlife sanctuaries. These are the wildlife sanctuaries of the eastern, western and southern Sundarbans. These sanctuaries play an important role in maintaining the biodiversity of the forest. For the world, the Sundarbans are full of natural and wonderful beauty. Nature engages her children in the best care.

There are about 50 types of mammals in this largest mangrove forest, with 320 species resident and exotic birds visible. Furthermore, there are 50 reptiles, eight amphibians, and 400 fish species accessible to the largest number of species of Royal Bengal Tigers.

About one-third of the territory is in Moorland. There is no fixed road to travel inside the forest. So the only way to tour the Sundarbans is by the river and canal. In 1999, UNESCO declared a total of 32,400 hectares of land as a worldly sanctuary. The former name of Sundarbans is Badaban. Later it was changed to Sundarbans.

At the entrance to the forest, you will see some small villages along the river. All families depend on the Sundarbans for their daily living. The primary occupations among them are fishing, collecting wood or honey.

Literally “beautiful jungle” or “beautiful forest”As the name, Sundarban can
be translated (beautiful, “beautiful” and banned, “forest” or “jungle”).
The name derives from the beautiful trees found in large numbers
in the Sundarbans.

Alternatively, it has been suggested that the name is a corruption of the seaward (Bangla: “sea forest” in the seashore), or the corruption of the moon-band (name of a primitive tribe). However, the view usually taken is related to the beautiful tree.

The Most  Tourist Destination of Bangladesh.

Srimangal Tea Garden:

Srimangal is a beautiful tourist spot full of natural beauty. Srimangal is considered as one of the best tourist destinations in Sylhet, surrounded by hills, forests, canals and green tea gardens. Srimangal is the tea-emerging capital of Bangladesh and the region is a riot of various colors of green.

Known as the tea capital of Bangladesh, Srimangal can be seen covering the green floor of a soft tea garden for a couple of miles. There are more than 5 tea gardens in the region, including three teas and gardens that both reach the age.

This region is famous for its rainforest which helps to grow tea and you will find a sea of ​​different plantations here as you enjoy the highlands and the villages that make up Sri Lanka’s makeup. Make sure you visit a local tea processing plant on a trip here, usually include a tasting at home so you can enjoy a cup of aromatic tea while enjoying top views of the sprawling fields.

Hiking is also popular in the region although the undulating landscape means that some hikes are more challenging than others. Sri Mangal is the center of tea-growing culture and should include every traveler’s itinerary in Bangladesh. It is truly one of the destinations of Bangladesh, with beautiful scenery, growing tourist infrastructure and impressive tea culture.

Srimangal is known as the capital of the tea-growing region of Bangladesh. The miles around the tea garden look like a great green carpet. Srimangala is a Surma valley covered by green tropical forests, Srimangal hills, Chandni hills, Khasi and Jaintia hills are abundant tea gardens.

The Most Beautiful Tourist Destination in Bangladesh.

Madhabkunda waterfall:

Bangladesh is a country of green and natural beauty. Its natural beauty has many features. Included with the exciting waterfalls are many features and amazing ones.Madhabkund is one of the most beautiful and attractive waterfalls in Bangladesh. Madhabakunda Falls (Bangla: Madhabakunda) is one of the largest and highest waterfalls in Bangladesh.

It is located in Barlekha Upazila of Sylhet Division, Moulvibazar District. Madhabakunda Falls (Madhabakunda Fountain) is the largest waterfall of Bangladesh in Barlekha Upazila of Moulvibazar.Madhabkunda Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh. It is located in Barlekha Upazila of Sylhet Division, Moulvibazar District. Madhabkunda Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Large boulders, surrounding forests and adjacent streams attract many tourists for day trips, picnic parties and more. The amazing waterfalls of Bangladesh are one of the main attractions of the country. And Madhabakunda (Madhabakundo) waterfall is the main waterfall. It is a memorable waterfall and the highest waterfall in Bangladesh.

The height of the Madhabakunda waterfall is 1 meter or 200 feet. Madhabakunda Falls is famous as the tourist destination of the country. You can see Madhabakunda by road from Sylhet or Moulvibazar. The cost of admission tickets is only Tk 10 per person.

The Most Beautiful Tourist Destination of  Bangladesh.