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Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

The Daily Prothom Alo :

The Daily Prothom Alo (Bangla: Prothom-alo) is published in Bangla from Dhaka, a major daily newspaper of Bangladesh. Prothom-alo is the most publicized and most read newspaper in Bangladesh. The Daily Prothom Alo Online Portal is the very most seenable  Bangladeshi and Bangla website in the world. The Prothom-alo was established on November 4, 1998.

The Prothom Alo circulation increased to a circulation of half a million copies from the initial circulation of 42,000. The paper investigated the acid attack and violence against women and emphasized the need for a more stringent law against the sale of acid.

Facilities About 500,000 copies (as of March 25) are circulated daily from press facilities in Dhaka, Chittagong and Bogra. According to National Media Survey 2012, the first light print edition is read by 5.1 million people every day. The print version of this newspaper claims to have a readership of 9.6 million.

bestow to a brand fairness study manageed by Quantum Consumer Solutions Ltd, Prothom-alo is considered the most influential newspaper brand in Bangladesh. Matiur Rahman has been the editor of the magazine since its founding in the 5th. He received the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation Award for his journalism, literary and creative communications work at 23.

Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers of Bangladesh.

The Daily Ittefaq :

The Daily Ittefaq (Bangla: Daily Ittefaq) is a Bengali language daily newspaper. Established in 3, it is the oldest newspaper and one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Bangladesh. This paper was published by Ittefaq Group of Publications Limited.

The daily Ittefaq was first printed on 7 December, Two Thousand Fifteen by Yar Mohammad Khan, The daily Ittefaq’s author and journalist and also the founder and treasurer of Bangladesh Awami League. As both were actively involved in the politics and anti-Pakistan movement, they were working in Kolkata at the time, appointed by Shaheed Suhrawardy of Hussein as editor of the Kolkata-based The Daily Ittehad.

Following a legal dispute with the original owners, where Tofazzal Hossain declared Manik Mia the owner of a weekly Ittefaq publication license. Tofazzal Hossain later acquired a new license in the name of The Daily Ittefaq. On August 24, 1975, after the nationalization, the ownership of the boys of Manik Mia was restored.

Today Anwar Hossain is the editor. Ittefaq features all the standard sections of modern daily newspapers such as political news, sports, education, entertainment, and general and local news.

Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

Daily Jugantor :

Dainik Jugantar (Bangla: Narrative Paper) is a Bengali daily magazine. Daily Jugantar is one of the best magazines in Bangladesh. The most powerful panel of journalists came together for them to publish the best information for the nation.

The magazine, Jamuna Printing and Publishing Limited, which was founded in the year 6, was printed and published, and the administrative activities of the Jamuna Media Limited Saiful Alam (acting) were executed by the acting editor of the Daily Jugantar.

Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers of Bangladesh.

Kaler Kantho :

Kal Kantha (Bangla: Kal Kavita) is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. It is an initiative of the East-West Media Group, the sister concern of Bashundhara Group, a leading business firm in Bangladesh. The same group owns Bangladesh Pratiddin, Daily Sun, News24, Radio Capital and BanglaNews24.

Abed Khan was the founding editor of Kal’s voice. The Daily was first published on 10 January 2010, shortly after Khan resigned as editor (June 25). After the resignation of Abed Khan, a popular novelist of Bangladesh is working as editor.

In the first year of its publication, the daily print order was more than 20,000 copies, making it the second most widely circulated daily newspaper in Bangladesh.

The speech has many appearance and daily pages, in addition to Tech  (IT Feature Page), Tech Daily, Campus, Poralekha (Education Daily), Oboshore, A2Z, Dosh Dick (Literature), Biggapan Birotti, Doctor Aken ( Health), in words, rangi fair (entertainment), horse eggs (fun), mogose wash, and tin tin tuna toon.

 Bangla Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Pratidin:

Bangladesh Pratidin is a daily Bangla-language “Independent” magazine of Bangladesh. It was founded in the 21st. Bangladesh Pratiddin is at the top of the list of the most widely circulated dailies among the five newspapers published in Praka and elsewhere, the Information Minister told Parliament March 7, 2014.

Its editor is Nezam. He is a senior journalist in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a subsidiary of Pratiddin East-West Media Group, which is owned by Bashundhara Group. Moynal Hossain Chowdhury is the publisher of the newspaper on behalf of the East-West Media Group.

In February 2017, a Savar-based newspaper paper worker arrested the police on charges of instability, factory raids and theft of clothing. His lawyer accused police of torturing him in custody. His family and lawyers have claimed that he was arrested on charges of police extortion by the owners of the garment factory.

Bangla Daily Newspapers of Bangladesh.

Samakal :

Samakal (Bangla: Samakal) is a Bengali language daily newspaper published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. The synopsis is published on May 7th at 23pm. As of 23 2007, the timely promotion is close to 200,000.

Mustafiz Shafi is the acting editor and SM. Shahab Uddin as Executive Director. After the death of Ghulam Sarovar; The founding editor, Mustafiz Shafi, took over as acting editor of the contemporary from August 13, 2018.

Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

Amader Shomoy:

Amar Shomoy (Bangla: Time of Day) is a Bengali language daily newspaper in Bangladesh. It is also one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. Amador Shamay started publishing under Naeul Islam Khan in the 21st, but was removed as a publisher by court order in 212. The current editor of the magazine is Mohammad Golam Sarwar.

Daily Newspapers of Bangladesh.

The Daily Manab Zamin :

The Daily Manab Zamin (Bangla: Sabhajamin), a daily tabloid newspaper in Bangladesh, published in Bengali from Manaka. It is the world’s first and largest publicized Bangla tabloid with 11,000,000 monthly pageviews in the online version.

770,000 visitors from 179 countries around the planet visit the web site every month and it has become one of the largest Bengali language online publications worldwide. It ranks among the top 500 newspaper websites in the world and is in the top 1% of all sites worldwide.

The website ranks 15th in Bangladesh and is one of the fastest growing newsletters in the country. It is now ranked second on Bengali-language newspaper websites and the top five Bengali news sites in the world.

The Daily Manab Zamin is on of the the only Bangladeshi daily newspaper to host a faithful website for South Africa’s 25th FIFA World Cup with detailed updates, player profiles, team stats and all the latest gossip.

The Best Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

 Daily Inqilab :

Daily Inqilab (Bangla: Daily Inklab) is a leading daily newspaper in Bangladesh, published in Bengali from Bangladesh Dhaka. It is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh.

Daily Inquilab is an ancient and national Bangla daily newspaper published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Inquilab was founded in the early 1980s. The late Maulana Abdul Mannan founded the Bengali newspaper, Inquilab. AMM Bahauddin is the editor of the Daily Inquilab. The magazine is owned by Inquilab Publications Limited.

The Best Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers of  Bangladesh.

Daily Jaijaidin :

Jayajidin (Bangla: Jahandin Zaidin) is a Bengali, a Bengali language daily published from Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Jayajaydin was published and edited by Shafiq Rehman, but he lost the editorship of Jaijaeddin in 24 for his position against a military-backed government. Kazi Rukanuddin Ahmed is now acting editor.

Sayeed Hossain Chowdhury is now the chair of the editorial. It was published weekly until mid-2006, at which time it became a daily. এটি In the 1980s, it came to fame because of its modern outlook and strong position against military ruler Hussein Mohammad Ershad. At one point, Ershad was banned. After democracy was restored in 5, the Republic began.

Location is located at “HRC Media Bhavan” in Tejgaon Industrial Area. There are two buildings in the complex. The southern building has three floors. On the ground floor there are print departments, commercial departments, circulation divisions and reception desks. The first floor is open to visitors. Clinton’s room is a round table room.

Most Popular Bangla Daily Newspapers.

The Daily Sangram :

Dainik Sangram, a Bengali daily newspaper of Jamaat-e-Islami published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The editor’s name is Abul Asad, who is also the author of the popular fiction series Simum Series.

The Sangram expresses national and regional watches along with Bangladesh and international news and views. The Daily Sangram presents enjoyment, business, science, Technology, sports and Game, new movies, travel, jobs, education, health, the environment, human rights news and more.

Bangla Daily Newspapers.

The Daily Sangbad :

The Sangbad (News, Daily News,) is a Bengali language daily newspaper, established in Bangladesh and published from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its first owner was Nasiruddin Ahmed and its first editor was Khairul Kabir. In the 1950s and 1960s, the magazine expressed strong views about opposing the Ayub Khan government in Pakistan and was suppressed accordingly.

Its offices and printed pressures were burned during the crackdown in March of those offices১ and it was closed during the liberation war of Bangladesh. The paper has become a fertile field for extremist thinking and Bangla literature. It was the first Bengali newspaper in the women’s section.

Daily Newspapers in Bangladesh.

Daily Janakantha :

The Dainik Janakantha (Bengali: দৈনিক জনকন্ঠ) is a Bengali daily newspaper in Bangladesh which published from Bangladesh, owned by Janakantha Shilpa Transport (GJSP). This newspaper first published on February 7, 2015. Mohammad Atiqullah Khan is the editor of this paper.

১৯৯ In 1999 a line mine left by members of the Bangladesh Army had to be removed by suspected Islamist militants.

Bangla Newspapers in Bangladesh.